House of the Dragon Season 2: Premiere Window Announced by HBO Max CEO

Last year the stories of Game of Thrones returned to the small screen, this through the spin-off known as House of the Dragon, which was quite seen by franchise fans.
Even the second season was confirmed almost immediately, and some have wondered how long it will take to appear on the HBO platform.
The HBO Max Content CEO, Casey Boys, has revealed that we can wait for season 2 of the series for next year, surely in summer.

It is worth mentioning that this can be new in the saga, since Got premiered year after year.
But it seems that with House of the Dragon they want to take longer breaks.
Boys revealed that the premiere of the series in 2024 is a good assumption and also admitted that it would not be eligible to be nominated for the Emmy Awards of that year, which means that it would be released after May 31, 2024. And if you have
To summer as a forecast, it could have its premiere from the end of June and until mid-August.
This is your synopsis:

The Game of Thrones Series entitled The Dragon House focuses on the Targaryen house, only 200 years before the facts narrated in the original fiction.
The Targaryen family escaped from the destruction of Valeria to settle in Boca Raton, from where Argon I conquered Point.


Remember that you can see it in HBO Max.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: Many series are already taking this type of breaks of one year to get more content, so I want to assume that The Last of Us will go through the same thing, with a premiere of season two by 2025.

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