Dofus: Discover Klüme, Former Incarnation and Companion with Update 2.67 – Tank with Melee and Easily Conquer Fights!

The companions make it possible to simplify certain fights, as much in monocle which is multi-count on doffs.
With the new update 2.67, all old incarnations can now be equipped and recovered to help you!
We present to you Plume, his spells, his obtaining and the details to know!

Doffs: Plume, companion guide and former incarnation

Plume is an old incarnation, now a companion.
It has 6 active spells.
As a reminder, you can only equip one companion per character.

It is nevertheless possible to equip several within a team.
Do you like Tanking?
Plume is special in this area while enjoying few damage.
Official description: Tired of bleeding from the nose?
Do not put Martel in mind to each of your fights… Recruit a dark blacksmith!
If you believe in Plume, he will be there.


This colossus with a Bacon nerves is worth his weight for: he will protect you like an unwelcome fortress.
As for those who dare to get closer… He will break their hopes, not to mention the rest.
In short, this companion is solid!

Obtaining and characteristics of Plume on Doffs

The sign of Plume SUBMIT in exchange for 100 Dementia Finance chest in 14.21.
It sag it of a blacksmith level 30.
Choice of level for spell previews and characteristics

Plume spells

Choice of level for spell previews and characteristics

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