Octopath Traveler 2: Find the Best Nut for Each Character – Enhance Your Character Abilities!

When playing Sociopath Vacationer 2, you will certainly locate that there are numerous things referred to as nuts that provide a constant rise in qualities for each and every of the eight characters.
There are 10 various nuts that we explained listed below:
Nut rum: enhances the optimum HP.


  • Invigorating walnut: increases the maximum SP.
  • Strengthening nut: boosts physical assault.
  • Solid nut: boosts physical protection.
  • Magic walnut: enhances the spontaneous attack.
  • Secure nut: increases security against elements.
  • Sharp nut: rises precision.
  • Slippery walnut: rises evasion.
  • Important nut: enhances the possibility of a critical strike.
  • Bright walnut: increases speed.

to whom I have to offer nuts to increase the features in Sociopath Tourist 2

Given that each personality in Sociopath Tourist 2 is very different, it would be far better to maintain some nuts that you find for specific ones.
We additionally explained each of the characters below, as well as which nut is best.
Throne: unsafe nut.
Teens: stimulating walnut and also consistent nut.
Oswald: Magic walnut.
Outlet ta: a reinforcing nut, a critical not as well as a severe nut.
Hikaru: nourishing nut, reinforcing nut and solid nut.
Anna: Brilliant walnut.
Section: Reinforcing walnut and also magic walnut.
Asia: Fostering walnut and also magic walnut.

how to obtain even more nuts in Sociopath Vacationer 2

Nuts can be discovered virtually anywhere in the globe, consisting of chests, along with making use of Course Activities.
Means activities can consist of the capacity of a throne to steal nuts from residents, as well as the ability of patio to purchase nuts from people.
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