No. 1 PICO Paid App Sales in China: Experience the Thrill of Com2us VRs Darksword VR Game!

The first VR game ‘Dark sword’, developed by Comes Rosa, is becoming popular in China.


Comes announced today that ‘Dark sword’ ranked first in PICO paid app sales in China for five days immediately after its launch.

‘Dark sword’ is a standalone title that can run alone on VR devices without additional devices such as PCs.
This is the first work of VR game developer Coitus Rosa, founded by Comes in 2021, and produced excellent development know-how and capabilities by professional talents, including Shin Hyun-seung, a well-known ‘Blade 2’ PD.

‘Dark sword’, which was released on the 9th, has not missed the top spot in PICO’s entire Chinese store and new launch app ranking since its launch.
PICO, which ranks second in the global VR device market, supports various VR games and contents play through a dedicated store, and in addition to sales volume and sales, the ranking is determined by comprehensively considering the interest level of the community.

There is also a positive response among Chinese users who enjoyed the Dark sword.

Currently, ‘Dark sword’ scores 4.4 ~ 4.6 points (out of 5 points) based on the PICO China Store, and in the user review, The gorgeous graphics and sword action are impressive, When using a bow or sword, etc.
The sense of blow is very good, and I like that I can light up the weapon.

Intuitive methods such as grabbing and throwing weapons or stones nearby or tapping weapons directly with a hammer are also well received.
The user’s behavior is reflected in the game, which seems to give a high immersion.

Comes launched ‘Dark sword’ through the Chinese store of the global VR company, PICO, to take its first step toward targeting the global VR market.
Com2uS plans to showcase the differentiated game of ‘Dark sword’ in the Chinese market, where the VR industry and users are rapidly increasing, and will expand the launch throughout the global world in March.

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