Back to the Overhaul: Ankama Reviews His Copy of Alliances and Lava on Dofus 2.67

After a very first proposal by Ankara in November, the Doffs groups come back to the charge with little modifications.
The feedback from the players were numerous and clearly did not fall into the deaf ears.

Ankara customizes its overhaul of Lava and Doffs Alliances

Throughout a long pavement, the video game designers had the ability to detail this Monday a new discussion of the expected fantastic overhaul of alliances.
As a reminder, a very first Dev blog had actually reached the end of Dannie 2022. These modifications were initially to be sized in 2.66, prior to being offset at the very first update of 2023.
Whatever, numerous developments are proposed in relation to the last time.
We greatly invite you to consult Episode 1 before proceeding.
We can for instance start with the size of future alliances (separated from guilds) going from 200 to 250 players.
However, it is far from being the only retouching.

Advisors and Defense

The collectors will constantly stay controllable, however the format ends up being 5V5 +1 once again.
Obviously, Ankara plans to reduce the power planned at first to beamed with this change.
Personalizations with equipment and by spells are likewise always on the program.
In terms of defense card investments, they become 100% independent and random of those presently present in PVM.
Therefore, it will be difficult to anticipate the slots as much for the aggressors and the defenders.

Crystals and prisms

The modification of modules will now be with a delay to restrict abuse.
It will therefore no longer be possible to instantly alter teleportation for recycling and nullify the modification of recyclers.


On the crystals side, the serene crystal is now incompatible with using a prism module.
For Inhibit, he will now reduce the recycling of recycling on sustainability by two.

Changes on Both

Similar to champs, all roles will have a limit of existence by alliance.
It will only be valid in an area in Both, between all the members at the same time.
Hence, it will be possible to follow one another.
Another novelty;
Just members present for a minimum of 48 hours will be able to take part in the conquests.
Champion: 1
LED: 10
Scout: 50
Therapist: 100
Vigil: 150
150 Canon fodder (default function): 250
In addition to a brief break time prior to putting a prism, the winning alliances will likewise automatically get an invulnerability to the attacks at the end of a Both.
This time will shorten according to the number of territories conquered to promote the tiniest companies.

DOFFS 2.67 and does it discover the Ava, when?

Ankara plans to pull back Alliance versus alliance to… no!
It is for next month, in March 2023 (in this account, as much to specify Planned).
You can lastly find all of this in beta, and not wait a year more.

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