Basketball | BBL: Telekom Baskets Bonn remain first Alba

The Telecom Baskets Bonn remains the very first pursuer of leader and champion Alba Berlin in the basketball Bundesliga.
With the 77:62 (46:34) success in the Rostock Sea wolves, the Rhinelander have a balance of 17: 2 success and are on par with the protecting champ (17: 1) of the variety of success.
Even if playmaker TJ shorts did not get an excellent day with just 6 points, it sufficed for the Baskets to success.
Tyson Ward (12 points), Finn Delay and Sebastian Herrera (11 each) met best for the team of coach Thomas Sisal.

Broke Bamberg hopes

The Broke Bamberg have new expect involvement in playoff
In the Report Skylines, the previous series master won 100: 83 (54:35) and with a balance of 9:11 only has a success behind Ratiopharm Ulm (10: 9), who take notice of the coveted and last playoff.



The Würzburg Baskets (10:10) fell in ninth

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