Youssoufa Moukokos Surprising Request for Borussia Dortmund Revealed

At Borussia Dortmund, Youssef Mouton is presently only on the bench.
Supposedly, the storm jewel in the recently concluded agreement settlements with the BVB desired to anchor a clause for such a case.
90 minutes on the bench versus Bayer Leverkusen, 29 minutes versus SC Freiburg, once again no deployment time in the DFB Cup at VFL Bochum: Youssef Mouton is at most a secondary star at Borussia Dortmund.
The Sébastien Haller, which was remarkably recuperated after his testicular illness, at first expired the 18-year-old in the BVB medium storm.
The Mouton so strong in 2022 has been awaiting a goal participation.


The favorable headings after his contract extension until 2026, which the German global and BVB brought under the roof and subject at the end of January after months of negotiations, are presently being laid out by the reports to his stylish Dell.

BVB: Did you require Youssef Mouton a special exit clause?

Mouton presumably would have liked to take the case of a possibly long-lasting reservist existence at BVB in his new contract.
BUILD reports, citing the BVB environment, that the player side had called for a stipulation connected to a particular number of operations in the discussions with the club.
s director Sebastian Keel is stated to have not confessed to this, it is stated.
Mouton under coach Edwin Eric must play as little as it was last as last, it is still obvious that the BVB will have discontent.
The hopeful will now earn approximately six million euros each year.
In addition, according to media reports, there was a hand money of presumably 10 million euros when the agreement is concluded and a separate commission for specialist Patrick Williams.

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