Forspoken: Experience the Epic Open-World Role-Playing Game from Luminous Productions – PlayStation 5 & PC

With the open-world role-playing game For spoken, the brand-new role-playing brand of the Last Fantasy XV maker of Luminous Productions for PlayStation 5 and the PC appeared last month.
To the dismay of the gamers, the role-playing game could underestimate to the high expectations.

The truth that for spoken dedicated themselves to Metacritic with a frustrating average ranking of 65 points after more than 100 reviews on Metacritic.
In addition to various spirited wrong decisions, it was also the technical problems that the brand-new work of Luminous Productions browsed for both PC and the PlayStation 5 and were able to prevent the enjoyable of the game.

developers listen to the feedback of the community

With Takes hi Aramaic, the game director accountable for for spoken spoke out with Takes hi Aramaic and praised improvement.
As it states, it is already working internally on a patch for the PS5 and the PC, which must ensure better performance and produce technical problems out of the world.
We listened to all your feedback and work hard on an upcoming patch, the improvements of performance, graphics, playability in addition to basic updates and corrections of the game content for PlayStation 5 and different PC hardware setups, stated Aramaic.


And even more: We strive to make for spoken as enjoyable as possible and will announce an upgrade as soon as possible at the time of the next patch.
We appreciate your relentless assistance and persistence. The update has up until now not been provided a specific publication date.
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We will of course get you up to date with the present state of affairs if this follows.
For spoken has been offered since January 24, 2023.
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