Explore the Future of Gaming with GTA 6 – AI-Powered Technology and Immersive Worlds

After marching through the Internet and the smartphone, the next technology might be established in the coming years, which turns our lives a little upside down.


Everyone is talking about the Pilot Catgut and other business like Google are trying not to miss out on the connection.
While the actual advantages are currently larger, however mostly smaller, however mostly smaller, Strauss Selznick, head of the publisher Take-Two, believes that expert system will never ever succeed in establishing a better Grand Theft Automobile computer game than a team
From genuine individuals who are enthusiastic about.

contrast with a calculator

Selznick does not want to be understood as opponents of the new possibilities.

During the most current conference of the publisher, he expressed his enthusiasm for the present development of AI innovation and is of the viewpoint that the expenses for the development of games are minimized due to the sophisticated tools that occur in this area.
Catgut is today’s calculator, states Selznick.
When I was a kid, there was no such thing, I do not like to admit that.
However, it holds true, so I had to make math with my hand.
And then the calculators turned up, the parents ran storm and idea: Oh, the kids no longer need to discover mathematics.
The answer is that people still learn math, however got a brand-new tool in their hands.
Strauss Selznick sees a similar circumstance when it comes to Catgut or comparable tools that will turn up in the coming years.
The AI can not just compose texts, but likewise codes, which allows the expectation that such tools will eventually develop complete games after a matching instruction.
However, the AI is not a competition for the development of the GTA series.
On the other hand, she could assist.
We initiate a really amazing period of new tools that will enable our groups and groups of our rivals to do truly fascinating things more efficient.
And no, it will not be possible that someone says: Please develop the rival of Grand Theft Automobile, who is much better than Grand Theft Automobile, and after that you simply send it out and provide it digitally and after that it was, states Selznick, who thinks that individuals will absolutely attempt something like that, however this is doomed to fail.
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Take-Two also pointed out in the current conference on the phone that the company is thinking about layoffs in conserving about $50 million, even if the blockbuster GTA 5 was able to achieve a huge variety of sales.
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