League of Legends: Annie Reaches 59% Victory Rate After Patch Buff – Is It Reliable?

Some say statistics just 24 hours after the release of a League of Legends patch is not fully reliable, but they are certainly relevant when they are as high as Annie.
With a victory rate that rose to 59%, the dark child is prepared to be the update champion 13.3.

Recent Changes

Annie has been doing very well at LOL recently.
Although her victory rate was quite low during season 13, she received a general bonus at Patch 12.2, with her base life increased from 524 to 594, and an increase from 88 to 102 in her level gains by level,
while the armor grew from 4 to 5.2 and the magic resistance from 0.5 to 1.3.
In 12.12, the AP proportion of Q was increased from 75% to 80% and finally, on December 22, 2022, AD growth was also increased from 2.63 to 2.65.
It sounds little, but its good range of combined to the rest was not insignificant.
Update 13.3 has moved all this, but it is good to take this history into account.
Already in the current patch, Annie received a colossal buff in her passive, which now begins with accumulations at most, causing her to stun the first opponent she reaches with a spell.


O and also was modified, becoming much stronger, while the value of the shield increase, from 40/85/130/175/220 to 60/100/140/180/220 and the AP rate was 25% to 40%.
This increase has been justified by the fact that this damage can now only be processed once, rather than potentially processed several times.
However, the actual bonus concerns, above all, to the fact that now the shield works in all sources of damage and not just self-attack.

It is also worth remembering that the shield of Annie and Timbers are separated, and therefore they can inflict damage in the same activation.
Finally, Timbers also improved a little.
Your life now climbs with AP (75%) as well as your resistance (5%) instead of fixed values before patch.
Timbers’ movement speed now increases with levels, from 350 at all levels to 350/375/400.

Why are statistics relevant even soon?

In this specific case, the very large increase in the victory rate that interests us.
It is obvious that Annie is very unlikely to maintain such a high victory rate throughout the patch for several reasons.
This rate of victories will generate a great interest in players and many will try to use Annie in their matches, with some having more or less successful than the mains Annie, who already know how to master the character (even if her skill kit is quite simple, some matches are needed to refine the gameplay).
So eventually they will find opponents to the height, which will make Blindkpick less safe over time.
For example, Annie has difficulties against Cassiopeia and Gangplank, two champions who have the advantage of having a very decent pre-13.3 victory rate, which were not affected by the update.
In addition, eventually other players will find ways to play against it.
Annie’s victory rate was 59.24% in the 2014 Games, but its choices were only 1.04%.
In his current state, Annie will logically gain popularity and can then follow the same path as Assassin, whose victory rate went from 57% to 53% when it became more popular.
Anyway, players from the middle and lower routes should be prepared to find Annie’s out there.

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