How to Get a Hygiffo at Hogwarts Legacy: Alternative Ways to Fly


While broom is a popular option to cross Hogwarts Legacy, it is not the only one.
Players can also get the ability to fly through the sky in one of the iconic beasts of the series.
Here is the complete response for how to get a typographer in Hogwarts Legacy.

unlocks the mounts of the gift in Hogwarts Legacy

The broom is unlocked relatively early in history, but you have a small way to go until the hypocrisy becomes an option.
However, you will surely see many of them throughout the game so that you are more anxious to have your own flying beast.
Your opportunity to get a hypocrisy will come after you get the Week magical beast bag through normal progression.
After complying with this requirement, you will unlock a mission called El Alto Torreón that will match you with Natty.
This mission will involve sneaking into an enemy area to complete your goal, and end with you and Natty using two hypocrites to escape.
As you will have guessed, you can keep the typographer in which you travel to use it in the future.
You can get the hypocrisy at any time, especially when you get tired of walking in an old and dusty broom that cannot even be used to play Quidditch.

This is all you need to know about how to get a gift in Hogwarts Legacy.
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