Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Denu Protection Measures in Place?

The video game industry has long had a problem with piracy and cheats that manipulate the functions of the game.
To combat this, measures have been implemented, being denied one of the most notorious.
It has been a hot topic among recent releases, so you will surely feel curiosity.
If Hogwarts Legacy has denied, well?
Let’s find out.

Does Hogwarts Legacy use the deny system?

As confirmed on the Steam store page, Hogwarts Legacy incorporates third-party DRM: Denude Anti-Tampering.
This revelation has been widely ridiculed by the community of players and can influence some decisions about which platform to buy the game.
Anti-Cheat software is not controversial in itself, however, the extent to which it denounces is infiltrated in its systems has been a reason for great concern.
As explained in our Dead Space Remake Denude guide, software kernel level controllers give you full access and privileges to the PC.
To make things worse, Deny has been linked to serious performance problems in its associated games, with some complaints of SSD damage for excessive overwrite.
Defeated software solutions, the company responsible for the product, has denied these statements.
In the past, Denude’s noticeable inclusion has led to titles such as Sonic Mania being criticized.
This was in 2017, look, and it could be said that the problem is more pressing now than ever.

So, you have your answer if Hogwarts Legacy has denied.
With luck, you can still enjoy your PC experience, at a speed of 3 frames per second.
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