Farewell to Six Games from Xbox Game Pass: Time to Say Goodbye Next Week

It will soon be time to say bye-bye to Microsoft from some games from the Xbox Game Pass Ago service.
An overall of six video games will be removed from the deal in mid-February.
Up until the final distance, you have the option of buying all video games with your active Xbox Video game Pass subscription with a discount of 20 % digitally in the Microsoft Store.


You can quickly reach the video games in the shop via the following list.

Xbox Game Pass-distances February 2023

  • Defeat (Game Sneak Peek) (cloud, console and PC).
  • Crossfire (cloud and console).
  • Infernal (console, cloud and pc).
  • Recompile (pc, console and cloud).
  • Soul: The Hero Slayer (cloud, pc and console).
  • Jack the beast scare (console, pc and cloud).
    If you think about purchasing Crossfire, you must definitely let this be, since the video game will be completely stopped in May.
    This indicates that the game will not be playable in the multiplayer or in the single gamer.
    In view of this, the game is not connected to the list.

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