How To Get The Lezduit Gun In Rick & Mortys High On Life

High on Life, the first-person shooting game of Rick & Morty co-creator, Justin Round, presents a number of weapons that can also answer you.
One of the most powerful weapons of the game, the Lawsuit, surprisingly does not have much to say.
Although, he made up with an extreme firepower.

Here is how to get the Lawsuit gun in high on life.

How to unlock the Lawsuit gun in high on life

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The Lawsuit weapon is presented for the first time more than half of the game after completing the reward of Dr. Giblets.
Defeating it will grant you access to your laboratory, where the Grayish Lawsuit is apparently close to death at the laboratory table.
The hunter will take the weapon to the house and make it generate it, which will take some time.
Lawsuit cannot be used until after completing Japan’s reward when the player has optionally tied the loose ends and then the final reward against Garmantuous has begun. Gene will give you the weapon after selecting the Garmantuous mission of the teleported.
It is possible that Lawsuit can only say his name, a complication of the gene’s repair process, but it is a very powerful laser with 100 rounds that extends to multiple enemies at the same time before temporary cooling.
The weapon can only be used during the final reward mission and the boss’s fight and will not return to your inventory after the credits are exhausted.
So enjoy it while it lasts.
That is to say how to get the Lawsuit gun in High on Life.
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