Pokemon GO Bug Makes Shiny Vulpix A Free Snack For Gyms

The Pokémon Go bug is pretty strange, but if you are a fan of the game then this new bug will be both horrifying and amusing.

Although Pokémon Go has actually been on the market for a few years, fans always get it to do with bugs and glitches.
The latter usually discover their way into play via updates, but sometimes they just appear and only with private gamers.
This is exactly what was probably the case with Reddit user Pelican dolt, who was dealing with an especially weird graphic mistake.
The fitness instructor really wished to feed his Skylab with berries in an arena he inhabits to restore his health points.

He found that the graphics of the Banana berries had actually turned into a Shiny-Vulpix in his inventory.
The berry summary in the arena screen revealed a Shiny-Vulpix and the Nanak and incredible berries in addition to normal.
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Skylab delights in the soul celebration

Especially stunning: Pelican dolt was even able to feed the Shiny pulpit in Skylab with the very same impact of a normal berry in Pokémon Go.
It was therefore clearly a graphic bug, which, however, made the fans on Reddit very divided-now-in case, in the amusing sense.
The reactions of the community were so ironic since as weird as the bug was.
One gamer, for instance, wrote that his Pokémon eaten only organic-certified, gene-free Shiny-Vulpix, while another user kept in mind that the food of Shiny-Vulpix fits completely with the Lore of Skylab.
A 3rd user even threatens to report Pelican dolt to the association to prevent ruthlessness to Pokémon.
Some fans believe that Skylab just demands souls and need to likewise be fed with it.
By the way, this bug does not appear to be an isolated case: a Reddit user reports that his nanabberies were reported as Lemon for some time.
Have you currently noticed such a graphic mistake?
If so, let us know and write it to us in the comments!
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