Harvestella: Producer can imagine sequels, but needs support. Daisuke Taka, producer of the role-playing surprise

In the world of video games, game franchises are all the rage. Sure, there might be a few iconic video game series-like Super Mario, Pokémon, or Zelda- but it’s more likely that you’ll find dozens of spin-offs and sequels based on these iconic characters.

Daisuke Take, manufacturer of the role-playing surprise Harvested from Square Enix, describes that he might well imagine an extension of the franchise.

Nevertheless, he would require the support of the fans to implement this, as he now discusses in an interview.
Harvested’s sales figures on the Japanese market show that the assistance of the neighborhood is not that unlikely.

Harvested: I would enjoy if we could continue this video game

Harvested is also considered a surprising mix of impressive role-playing video game and varied life SIM in this country, but it remains doubtful whether this is enough to continue the title in the future.

The role-playing video game with life simulation twist sends out players into a magical world in which the best hazard is a strange fifth season.


By the method, it is collected what it takes and well with the villagers.
According to Fujitsu, the exciting mix was passionate about 26,000 gamers in the first week after their release.
And in an interview with Infinite, producer Daisuke Take was now asked what a sequel has to do with.

In other words, he can well imagine producing more parts to Harvested.
Nevertheless, not without the assistance of his devoted fan base, as he discusses: I would be happy if we might continue this video game. We ask you for your assistance… there is still a lot that we have not yet done
Attempt to produce everything in the very first title, the essentials of the game become unclear. Once it has actually ended up being a series, we would like to add a growing number of interesting features based on the captivating basic system.

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