Nintendo Switch Oled With Switch Sports – The Christmas Offer

The website has revealed the Christmas offer of MediaMarkt and Saturn, which is a Nintendo Switch OLED together with Switch Sports. Remember that this offer is only valid until December 23rd in store.

At MediaMarkt and Saturn you can get the Nintendo Change OLED in the bundle with Nintendo Change Sports.
For both together you still pay EUR 359.
The Nintendo Switch OLED expenses EUR 338 separately, Nintendo Change Sports is EUR 39.99 (RAP: EUR 49.99).
The bundle discount may not appear big, however given that MediaMarkt and Saturn are currently amongst the most inexpensive companies with their unit price of the console, it is still an excellent deal.

If you pull out the price of the game, you get the Nintendo Change OLED, according to Ideal, at least not any cheaper.
Nintendo Change OLED + Switch Sports for EUR 359 at MediaMarkt
Nintendo Change OLED + Change Sports for EUR 359 at Saturn
You will find the bundle when your above link to the product page of the Nintendo Change OLED follows and after that scroll down a little.
Shipping is totally free of charge from both dealerships.
You can gather 1,000 extra points there by purchasing if you are a member of MYMEDIAMarkt.


More bundle deals from the Christmas project

The package with the Nintendo Change OLED becomes part of a larger Christmas campaign at MediaMarkt and Saturn, which runs until 2 p.m. on December 24th and in which there are many low-cost packages.
Especially on TVs you will discover some terrific encores, for example you can get an Xbox Series S when buying an LG OLED TELEVISION.
Here is a little selection:
LG OLED C27 4K-TV 65 inches + Xbox Series S for 1999 EUR at MediaMarkt
LG OLED C27 4K-TV 55 inches + LG DS40Q for EUR 1499 at Saturn
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + Wi-Fi + Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for EUR 799 at Saturn
LG nano789qa 4K-TV 43 inch+ LG Tone Free DFP3W Headphones for EUR 499 at Saturn
Grinding Gub7240 4K-TV 50 inches + Grinding DSB 950 Soundbar for EUR 469 at MediaMarkt
The introduction of the actions at both dealerships can be discovered here:
MediaMarkt Christmas campaign: Packages inexpensive available
Saturn Christmas campaign: Packages inexpensive available
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