Yingkulinati game early access launched on Steam

James Games and Dali Entertainment announced that they will release the early access version of the unique art style turn-based strategy game ‘Yingkulinati’ on January 31, 2023.
Early access PC versions are available at Steam, GOG, and Microsoft Store, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X |
You can use the demo version until January 1 in Steam and Xbox.

In ‘Illuminati’, the player becomes a member of the secret group ‘Yingkulinati’, which wields the power of living ink, and has the power to bring life to the animals in the painting.
With the power of ink, the teams of a donkey, prayer cats, and snails that eat anything with alive, to create a team to battle.

The illustrations are sometimes comical, but gameplay is very strategic.
The player must be the master ‘Illuminati’, which leads the living illustration.
Each animal is the words of the battlefield, participating in the battle, and can change the flow of battle with legendary figures like Antenna BillGuard.

‘Illuminati’ supports single play and local multiplayer mode, so you can support campaigns alone or enjoy with friends.


In addition, the map of Yingkulinati affects the battle and can enjoy various play styles such as aggressive or cunning strategies.

For more information on the game, you can find out on the Dali Entertainment website or Illuminati’s Discord Channel or Twitter.

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