How To Complete Experiment No. 88

In Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, you play for Oak Fair, a member of a soldier of the tire.
While the main story is going on, you can fulfill several side quests and missions.
They provide bonus actions and many awards.
One of them is the implementation of experiments for Hobo, many of which are combat, including the battle in a difficult experiment No. 88. This may make you think about how to get experiment No. 88.
Experiment No. 88 may be extremely difficult when you come across it for the first time.
This is due to his quick attacks, many of which can almost kill you from one blow.
Despite the fact that you can successfully defeat this boss, possessing skills, we found a method of cheese Experiment No. 88 at the beginning of the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

How to go through experiment No. 88 in FF7 Crisis Core

Experiment No. 88 is one of the monsters that Photo will encounter Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.
The implementation of previous missions in the Photo Laboratory is mandatory and will prepare you for this task.
When you can first encounter experiment No. 88, this battle is incredibly difficult if you treat this normally.
However, you can easily defeat this boss in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.
To conduct experiment No. 88 in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, you just need to lag behind it.

As soon as you find yourself behind him, start the tail attacking this tail with your sword.
Each attack will be a critical blow if you are correctly lined up.
Then you can repeatedly attack by applying critical blows and actually blocking it.


Continue to attack to keep him in this position so that he could not attack.
If he runs up, evade and hide behind him to repeat this process until you win in experiment No. 88 in the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.
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