Five Nights at Freddys 3: All Characters and What They Do

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Changes the things of family pizzeria and takes place in a horror attraction called Fanfares Fright that is built from remains of Freddy Fanfares Pizzeria.

Taking a darker and sandy tone, you will find an animatronic spooky and Phantom puppets.
Take your security credential and prepare for your night shift;
Here is all the characters of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 you will find in the game.

All FNaF characters 2: Gallery and Descriptions

Spring trap

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Spring trap is the main animatronic of the game and the main attraction of Fanfares Fright.


Spring trap is an animatronic similar to a bunny with wet and moose fur.
In addition to this, your skin is torn and suffers serious damage, and has loose metal, cables and its exposed exoskeleton in many areas.
Spring trap is also the only character capable of triggering the end of the game, since others simply scare you, so be careful if you see the spooky guy.

Freddy Ghost

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Phantom Freddy is a damaged and burned hallucination of Freddy Fanfare by Freddy Fanfares original pizzeria.
Phantom Freddy still carries its characteristic microphone and uses its hat and combating, but it has a much more deteriorated and withered appearance.
I am not sure of you, but I would definitely not like to take a sunk black sclerotic and her white soul pupils.

Ghost girl

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Phantom Chica is the hallucination of Freddy Fanfares Pizzeria.
Phantom Chica is burned and seriously damaged, he lacks the entire left arm and leaves the poor bird wandering with the disturbing dark eyes and a complete view of his monstrous teeth, thanks to his open mouth.
Interestingly, Phantom Chica seems to take the form of FNaF 1 girl, while the other Phantom beings resemble their FNaF 2 counterparts.

Ghost Foxy

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Phantom Foxy is the hallucination of the original Foxy of Freddy Fanfares Pizzeria.
Phantom Foxy lacks the right arm, most of his body has no fur and has been reduced to his metal skeleton.
The unique hollowed eye and the disturbing white pupil of Phantom Foxy are quite disturbing, accompanied by their great and monstrous fangs, which make it look taken from a nightmare.

Child Ghost Globe

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Phantom Balloon Boy, also known as Phantom BB, is the hallucination of the original Balloon Boy Freddy Fanfares Pizzeria.
Phantom Balloon Boy is much more spooky than his FNaF 2 counterpart, since he burns and damages without remedy.
In addition, he lacks his little balloon and his sign, he only has his disturbing gaze and his spooky smile.
Be careful with Phantom BB in FNaF 3, as you can disable your ventilation system if you catch you with a Jump care.

Ghost puppet

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Phantom Marionette, also known as Phantom Puppet, is the hallucination of Puppet/Puppet by Freddy Fanfares Pizzeria.
Phantom Marionette has a shadow-like black body, with most of its burned white face.
You can see a slight indication of his cheeks, once red and pink, but Phantom Marionette looks empty and without a soul apart from that.
Phantom Marionette can also be quite annoying, since it prevents you from verifying the maintenance panel or the monitor, so prepare to quickly change the cameras if you see it to prevent this from happening.

destroy ghost

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Phantom Mangle is the form of mangrove hallucination of Freddy Fanfares Pizzeria in FNaF 2. Phantom Mangle is seriously burned and destroyed, but you can still distinguish a disturbing long jaw with sharp and pointed teeth and disturbing white pupils inside the black sclerotic.
Phantom Mangle also has loose cables in several places, with most of his withered and twisted body in his metal skeleton.
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