Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Is A New Experience, But Its The Same Game.

If you have already played Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PSP, but are interested in bringing your dreams again, you may want to know the difference between Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.
Let’s discuss them.

Differences between Crisis Core Reunion and Crisis Core PSP

Crisis Core Reunion is a remake in the most literal sense.
He retells the history of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, but remakes the game to modern platforms.
They also corrected a lot of problems that people arose with the original game.
Below are all the main differences between Crisis Core Reunion from the original Crisis Core for PSP:
Graphic arts.
Everything, from models of characters to cards, was completely redone from scratch using Unreal Engine 4. Sinemans are also removed using UE4.
Crisis Core Reunion adapted the user interface used in Final Fantasy VII: Remake.
In the version for PSP, only a certain number of cut scenes was duplicated.
Crisis Core Reunion duplicated everything, even the NPC, with whom you can talk in the tire building.
The Japanese dubbing retained its actors, but the English cast is the same people as in Final Fantasy VII: Remake.
While Crisis Core Reunion retained the scores of Soykhuser Sumoto, the mixes were slightly changed, just like the Final Fantasy VII: Remake updated part of his music.

Changes in the gameplay in Crisis Core Reunion

Crisis Core for PSP was ambiguous primarily because of one thing: the gameplay.
Crisis Core Reunion eliminated many shortcomings of the original game in terms of the gameplay.
Below is a list of basic changes:
Now you can capture goals
Oak can run, which significantly accelerates the journey.
Cinematographic videos can now be missed, which is a huge relief, since they constantly appear in the middle of the battle.
Elements now have the function of sorting
Now you know what matters are produced before combining them together.


  • Dialogs not related to the screensavers can be automatically expanded
  • Display of limited control.
  • Adjusting complexity in the middle of the game.
  • Other functions that can be switched in the Crisis Core Reunion settings, for example, the distance to the chamber.
    In fact, Crisis Core Reunion is surrounded by many functions of configuration from Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

will Crisis Core Reunion change?

As already mentioned, Crisis Core Reunion is an accurate retelling of the original PSP game.

If you expect Final Fantasy VII: Remake will become a level remake, then in fact it is not.
Consider that this is a more perfect prequel to Final Fantasy VII.
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