Streamer Kills Boss While Playing On Two Platforms With Control And Dance Rug


By zeroing a game, it is common for players to decide to return to the story that bound them so much with new goals and even new challenges.
This is because, even after reaching the end of the main story, it is not always possible to extract everything from the first game.
Streamer Missmikka, a fan of Elden Ring -Game from FromSoftware that received the year’s game title from The Game Awards-, in turn, goes far beyond the basics.
Previously, she had already completed challenges such as playing the game with one hand and using a dance rug as a control.
A very far from being satisfied with the completed challenges, she raised the level once again.
Now, the content creator is in a bet to zero the game on two different devices-but simultaneously.
As you can see in the video above, Mickey is using a dance rug as a computer control and a traditional PlayStation 5 control to play on the console.
To be able to perform both functions simultaneously, the streamer has positioned itself in front of the foot devices, so that it can step on the dance carpet while using the hands to click on the control buttons.

It is possible to note that Mickey is committed to always being in the same scene in both games, avoiding as much as possible to pause their actions on one of the devices.
Following this logic, the content creator managed, on Tuesday (13), to eliminate the boss Margin on both devices at the same time.
Check out the exact moment clip of the feat:
Showing to be quite tired, the content creator ended the live oadcast a few moments later.
The new series of Mickey’s challenge, called 2 Elden Ring 1 Girl, began just three days ago;
So far, the content creator has played about 18 hours of the game.
This means that 28 hours of gameplay-o is still missing that results in at least two days of live oadcast.
Given the history of the streamer, it is unlikely that when this challenge is finished, his journey by Elden Ring end-mikkaa seems to be always ready to dedicate himself to the extreme in a new bet.

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