No redemption: Genshin Impact reveals trailers of Scaramouche; See wanderer and faruzan skills

This week, on December 7, Genshin Impact receives version 3.3 with a new part of the plot and characters that has moved the community in recent weeks.
To increase fans anxiety, RPG released the walking and Tarzan trailers, with a special highlight for the five stars, which received two revealing videos.

Walker is a five star Anne and catalyst user, it has long range skills and can be suspended in the air.

Known as Scaramouche, he was among the messengers of the Fate, but it is wrong to think he will have a redemption arc to become playable, the character’s challenging and self-centered personality remains the same according to the demo video: Walker: Separated
for yesterday and tomorrow.
Scaramouche was first introduced as the main antagonist of the events that do not return, since then became a challenge for the traveler and presented many questionable attitudes in Trauma and Summer.
Now he lives for himself and trails a different path from Fate, but without losing his essence as an antihero.
On the other hand, the character had a fragment of his past revealed in the character presentation, which showed a scaramouche that the public is not used to.
In the video, he shows his weaknesses, dilemmas and internal desires.
Check below:
Amarillo has had his leaked game plays, along with those of Tarzan.
This time Hoovers confirmed the skills of the characters, with images and descriptions.
Remember that according to rumors, users will be able to choose the name of the five stars, it seems that will be during the mission of Summer interlude or by an item granted in update 3.3.

Elemental skill: Plum Illustrated: Cacao Gracious

Condenses a powerful atmosphere to eak the chains of the earth.

Inflict damage enemies against the nearby enemies and jumps into the air, entering the state of wind posture.
Wind posture increases damage to normal attacks and loaded attacks.


In this state, loaded attacks no longer consume stamina and the wanderer is continually suspended in the air.
During this period, the walking movements have the following characteristics:
While floating, it will continually consume ’empty power’;
When running, you will consume empty power to run in the air;
Keeping pressed will continually consume empty power
By jumping, you will consume empty power to increase your altitude;
Keeping pressed will continually consume empty power ### Supreme: Kroger: Five Acts
Creates vacuums to crush your enemies and worries, inflicting damage I ane in the area several times.
If it is launched during the ‘wind posture’ state of elemental skill, it will end this state.

Faruzan is a four-star archer who had never been introduced into the plot before.

To familiarize the community with the newbie, the RPG released the character trailer, with a part of its history and skills.
She is a recognized scholar from the Summer Academy, awarded and founder of the classical mechanics discipline.

Elemental skill: Kingdom of the Wind of Nasamjnin

Tarzan implements a polyhedron that causes mild damage to nearby opponents.
The amount of refill time is reduced by 60%.

Supreme: The Secret Paths of the Wind

Implement a stunning polyhedron that causes mild damage in area and releases a whirlwind pulse.
He will move continuously along a triangular path.
As soon as it reaches every corner of this triangular path, it will release one more pulse.

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