The Dark Pictures: The Devil in ME – All safety boxes are solved


In the safety box guide to The Devil in Me, you will find out:

  • How you repair every fuse box
  • How to unlock the trophy under power
  • Which door codes you need

The story of The Devil in Me plays in a creepy hotel that was converted into a huge murder machine. A new death trap is waiting in every corner, there are remote-controlled walls and lots of scary factors.

At important key points, security boxes must be put back into operation by completing a small mini-game. In the guide we offer you the solution for each individual fuse box.

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electricity box 1-the island

After you have translated the ferry, Kate and Jamie separate from the group to explore the island on your own. The small tour ends in front of a single-up train that you want to put back into operation.

To supply the train with electricity, you have to repair the fuse box. You can get to the power box via a small ladder that you can find on the side of the small house.

Solution for the first fuse box:

fuse box 2-power failure

In the role of Erin, you have to pursue a suspicious sound with your microph1. The exploration tour ends with Erin locked in a dark room and the electricity is parked.

In the next sequence you will switch to Jamie and have the task of switching on the electricity again. The fuse box is in a closed room for which you need a door code. You will find the code next door in the kitchen on a stop board.

  • Door code: 0451

Solution to the second fuse box:

power box 3-interrogation

If Erin has survived the dark room, she will soon find herself in the next death trap. This time, however, not alone, but in the society of Jamie. As you can save all the characters, we have summarized you in our guide at the best end of The Devil in Me.

After you have survived the trap, Jamie is separated from the rest of the group by the mechanical walls. After a while you will find yourself in a married room by the third and last electricity box.

Solution for the third power box:

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