Overwatch 2: Revealed Ramattra Gameplay; Get to know the skills of the new hero

Overwatch 2’s new hero had been announced for some time, with some details about his history and how the Dominic connected with Kenyatta, as well as the incredible revelation that he would have two forms. It seems that everything has been confirmed, and the new tank really will be unlike anything we have ever seen.


Gameplay video gives us an idea of what your two shapes and skills will look like. When we check out the official website, we have an overview and explanations for those who could not understand the video, or even to complement. Check below:

Dominic way

When you choose Mantra, this is the way it starts the matches. Your weapon is a staff called Void Accelerator (the translation would be vacuum accelerator).

  • Your staff fires projectiles in the long range
  • The closer, the more damage the projectiles cause

You can use the Void Barrier ability (which can be translated as a vacuum barrier). It is quite similar to Sigma’s barrier, both in shape and positioning.

  • You can generate a barrier with plenty of life
  • You choose her positioning (just as she does with the ma barrier)
  • The barrier is fixed where it was generated

Noesis way

Nemesis shape changes both Mantra’s appearance and his weapon, and ensure two distinct skills. It gains extra armor and two giant arms that serve as weapons.

Pummel ability (which means punching or punching), and ensuring that Mantra so that is in their reach, also generates shock waves that cause shields that pierce shields, such as Reinhardt and Winston.


Your second skill is called Block, which clearly means blocking. Mantra uses her arms to significantly reduce all the damage from the front, but is vulnerable to side attacks or on her back. It also loses movement speed while skill is activated.

  • The nemesis shape lasts 8 seconds
  • The nemesis form has 8 seconds of recharge
  • Block skill has no limit or recharge time

Ravenous Vortex

Skill Ravenous Vortex, which can be translated as a voracious Vortex. You position skill in a circular area (similar to Sigma’s ultimate) and can activate it to cause the effects.

  • After activated, enemies in the area will receive slowness, will go to the ground and receive damage
  • Enemies in the area will have the jump very weakened
  • Can be used in both forms of Mantra

Annihilation-Cultete de Ramattra

Ult Annihilation has some special features, which make Mantra a very different hero from everyone else. This skill will require a lot of attention from the opposing team.

  • Annihilation causes Mantra to enter nemesis form automatically
  • It is a concentration of energy that causes constant damage in enemies in the area
  • If the energy beam joins with some enemy, the ability will end only when the enemy dies or Mantra die
  • Mantra remains in nemesis form while the ability lasts

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