Whats up.I provide him the beatdown of his life

O’Neal spoke about how, after being called the N-word, he decided to beat the individual up.

O’Neal has actually produced a documentary called From Shaquille to Shaw and among the quotes from it was breathtaking. Shaquille spoke about how South Hinesville, Georgia, where he relocated to from Newark, wasn’t any much better than the crime-filled area.

NBA all-time great Shaquille O’Neal didn’t have the youth that many typically do. O’Neal was from Newark, New Jersey, which is one of the worst areas in the United States. Even to this day, Newark hasn’t recovered and is filled with criminal offense. With drugs, shootings and whatever else, Newark isn’t a great location.

Shaquille O’Neal’s brand-new documentary

Shaquille O’Neal’s documentary will continue producing new episodes. If this documentary is going to be similar to episode one, the world is going to be in for a reward.


His producer, Robert Alexander, said Shaquille O’Neal is a stand-up person and enjoyable to deal with:

O’Neal is likewise delighted for the remainder of the documentary and spoke about how genuine they kept it. His life hasn’t always been attractive, and it was necessary to him to reveal people that.

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