Valorant – Black Friday 2022: Dont wait for the night market and enjoy VP discounts

In both League of Legends and valorant the prices of the points with which to buy the aspects have been somewhat expensive. However, in this type of dates, we must take advantage of the fact that Riot Games makes quite interesting offers for the consumer.

On the dates we are, and after thanksgiving arrives the Black Friday, the great online trade holiday that emerged in the United States and in which we will have access to a last call to accumulate the coins we need before that they rise in a definitive price.


black friday 2022 for Valorant players

Unlike other promotions such as Prime Day, which is exclusive to Amazon Prime users, in this you can enjoy without any restrictions, although it is true that for other promotions, being prime can come quite well, and either for unique discounts or for faster shipments.

As in League of Legends, Riot reached an agreement with Prime Gaming to give rewards in Valorant in the form of keychains, spots or graffiti, so you can take out the exclusive content of the game.

Riot Points’s best offer to buy skins

The star product regarding Valorant offers are Valorant points gift cards. During the Black Friday they will have a 20% discount on any amount. The discount is very interesting for several reasons. Apart from getting an identical number of skins in exchange for less money, you can also get a double discount

In case they did not remain Valorant Points cards, something that a priori is unlikely, you can always buy riot point card, since these can also serve for the company’s tactical shooter.

You can get Amazon Prime subscription on the company’s official website

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