One Piece: The 6 theories created by the fans that Oda confirmed after a long time

Since his departure, One Piece has not stopped surprising all its readers. With all the intertwined stories we have met in manga and anime, fans have already become accustomed to the union of two or more narrative threads after several years or decades preparing it and in a quite successful way. But the reality is that this is not normal and this shows us the incredible ingenuity that Odd has when preparing different secrets to discover them without realizing until we realize.

But many of the fans know what the author’s intentions are and can even foresee some secrets with very well unfounded theories. That is why we have collected 6 of the most famous theories of the series that were confirmed and left many of us with their mouths open when they were discovered. As always, we recommend you read the article if you are up-to-date with the manga to avoid crazy spoilers.

Kanji’s past

The cook of the crew was one of the most mysterious until several years ago if we talked about his past. It is true that during the first arch of the work we were told that he lived much of his life with a cook, but we all felt that there were more than they had not yet told us. These suspicions grew when, in chapter 174, during Alabama’s arch, he had to disguise himself and picked up the name of Mr Prince.

The fans theorized that Kanji was actually a prince of a very distant land, but that he avoided that past for fear. It was not up to 600 chapters later when this theory came true with the arc of Whole Cake, in which Odd confessed what everyone thought: Kanji was part of the Smoke, a family of the royalty he sent in the kingdom of German and who was an ally of the Yoko Big Mom.

Momonoske and time travel

Another of the great theories that the community was right was that of Momonosuke, Died’s prodigal son who, with 8 years, confessed to the straw hats to have met goal D. Roger. This was quite confusing, since the young man was supposed to be born four years after having died one of the most important pirates of humanity.

Unlike others, Odd did not take so long to discover the cake, but it was still surprising knowing that a resource was chosen in the series that had never been used before: thanks to the power of his mother Loki’s fruit, the toki Not me, who allowed to travel to the future and send anything else in the same direction.

Lola’s mother

Lola is the leader of the Rolling pirates, a crew that Luffy and company found during the archaic of Bark, the island of GECKO Moria, since they were trapped by not being able to find their shadows to be able to escape from the place. After an arc full of action, they finally managed to escape together and leave to another island in search of new adventures. However, we all had the fly behind the ear. Since when the Vitré Card gives Name, he says he was born in the New World and was the mother of a great pirate.

After 600 chapters, we discovered that Name takes advantage of that Vitré Card to get into Whole Cake and find Big Mom, a quite unusual Vitré card that not even Big Mom’s children had. However, Lola indirectly confirmed us, so it was that of her mother and that she stole it before escaping her claws.

The origin of (almost) all Yoko

Before Luffy’s arrival, there were 4 Yonks or emperors who dominated the New World: Big Mom, Died, Barbara and Shanks. This time we will talk about the first two, that after a hundred episodes we discovered that they knew each other, and finally they allied to try to overcome the crew and other partners of the worst generation.

They all theorized that they two had something to do before their meeting and that they formed an unparalleled team, especially after talking about rocks pirates, a formation that was placed as the most powerful in the world before the arrival of goal D Roger. This is how Odd confirmed this great relationship that both Yoko had, also discovering that there was another ancient Yoko in the crew: Casablanca.

Shirahosi and the heavenly weapon

Once the two years of training has passed, the crew of the straw hats arrived at Groin Island in search of the last ancestral weapon necessary to reign the seas of One Piece. According to Skype’s Phone glyph, this weapon was on the island of the fish and few were thought to be a being lived as such.


Imagine how unexpected it was that one of the users who opted for this theory shared a survey to know if the community agreed, with an overwhelming negative result. Well, after arriving at the island and having spoken with the king of the place, we discovered that Shirahosi, the beautiful princess of the island, had a hidden power that was called Poseidon, the last ancestral weapon that was missing to discover.

The true power of Luffy’s fruit

Last but not much less important, we have the great revelation that many fans have been theorized for a long time, but that was suspected much more at the beginning of this year. It turns out that during chapter 1037, it was revealed that there was an extremely powerful devil fruit that was even erased from history to avoid future problems. It is here when several fans strongly confirmed his theory about Luffy’s true power, who had actually eaten another type of fruit by very specific characteristics such as being able to stretch his body when he wanted.

Furthermore, it was not until 1044 when we all discovered that the Gomu did not really eat of the paramecia type, but that it was done with the powers of the fruit milestone not my Nina and Loan type model. This completely changed the way of seeing the protagonist, since in reality his power was not only to be elastic but also to have the power to wake up a God: Joy Boy. What is your power? Well, nothing more and nothing less than a myth of the series.

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