What is the real mathematics needed to develop games?

  • Topic: Summarizing game math. Retros over the past three years

  • Lecturer: Professor Lee Deuk-woo / Professor

  • Field: Engine, programming

  • Time: 2022.11.18 (Fri) 16:00 ~ 16:50

  • Summary: While organizing the game mathematics used for game development but not in the regular curriculum, we share your personal experiences and share your personal thoughts about what you need to solidify the basics of game production.

■ Where do you use mathematics? I use it to develop games
There is once a meme on the Internet. It’s a meme that you don’t have to study because you’re going to make a big game. If developers listen, there is no time to get as much as this. The same is true of the blistered. If you learn mathematics and ask where you use it, developers say. I write to develop a game. However, there is one error here. It is a question of whether the higher mathematics and aesthetics used in the current curriculum are really fully used for game development.

This is why Professor Lee Deuk-woo, Professor of Chongqing University, wrote ‘Deuk-woo’s game mathematics’. Professor Lee Deuk-woo said, Korea’s mathematics education is strictly related to game production. Mathematics is a must for developing games, but if the mathematics used in the current curriculum is not used in the game, how and what math should do the developers learn? Representative Lee Deuk-woo came out. He also had a developer of mathematics as a developer.

He really wrote a math textbook for game development. Originally, he didn’t intend to write a book, but no matter how long he waited, he eventually came out when he didn’t have such a textbook. He was the one who had a high-level mathematical ability (but a passionate person to learn). Only then could I really see if the textbook he wrote was helpful. In addition, the goal was to make game production directly through examples rather than solving problems.


At first, I thought it would be six months, but it took three years since I started writing. Of course, there was such an idea. There are many great engines in the world, and using them, you can implement the desired features with simple code. But do you need to learn it? In fact, if you use DirectX and OpenGL without going to the engine, API or GPU handles a lot of parts. Nevertheless, he eliminated the black box of DirectX, OpenGL, and GPU for learning and to implement everything directly. It was to make so-called soft renderers.

Of course, you don’t have to make a soft renderer example now. As mentioned earlier, there are many good engines. If you don’t make an engine, you don’t know. However, as you know how the machine works, it was more effective to know how the engine worked, as you know how to use it.

As you can see from starting the floor, it was not easy to do everything from the beginning without API. It was necessary to have a complex step-by-step work to draw a character as a dot, the line as a triangle, the triangle again, and the mesh to create a hierarchy and finally riding.

Professor Lee Deuk-woo, who made the character he wanted and made the example he needed for the textbook, but it was not the end. Next, there was a bold squeeze out of unnecessary functions. Professor Lee Deuk-woo dared to think that the functions that were never called at all, they did not need the textbook. As a result, 39-stage milestones remained. Professor Lee Deuk-woo organized the remaining milestones one by one and created an example for the textbook. Only mathematics that needs to develop games remains.

Professor Lee Deuk-woo started learning with his book. I was worried, but fortunately it was only tilt. He was not only a best-selling math textbook, but he also received a recommendation from the Korean game graphics book, which is called a so-called book and a skull book. It was possible to achieve his achievement as a professor and to achieve his own achievement as a developer.

In the process of writing a game math textbook, and in the process, he finished talking about the achievements he realized. It is the beginning. There are so many basic theories that need to be organized in the future. In order to foster the game industry, we hope to create a mathematical algorithm curriculum specialized in the game industry.

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