Netmarble proceeds with the weekend G -Star 2022 event

Even on weekends (November 19-20), Net marble will hold various events for four exhibits at G-Star 2022 Net marble Hall.

Net marble exhibited ‘Paragon: The Over frame’, ‘High Squad’, ‘Medal Chronicles’, and ‘I Level: Arise alone’. The Net marble Pavilion consists of 100 booths, a total of 160 demonstrations and an open stage.

In particular, at 1:00 pm on Saturday, on Saturday, the ‘Final Finals’ will take place the possibility of esports of the TPS MOB APC game ‘Paragon: The Over frame’. ‘Growing’ is an abbreviation for capitalism, and is an event competition hosted and organized by enchant and sponsored by AMD and Net marble. In the final, which took 20 million won, the ‘Unbreakable Mind’ team, led by the famous streamer ‘Mad Life’, and Turin and BYU Belong’s ‘Susan’ team will fight the 5: 5 match.

The tournament will be broadcast live on the Enchant Twitch Channel and the official YouTube channel ‘Paragon: The Overtime’.

‘Paragon:’ Paragon: The Over frame ‘, which is early access on December 8, is a game where the TPS and MOB genre are fused, and each of the heroes with unique skills is to destroy and occupy the opponent’s base. It is possible to use a variety of strategies with the infinite combination of realism, unique heroes, and 100 kinds of items.

The new MMORPG ‘Medal Chronicles’ will hold a pioneering event with nine influencers such as Tutti, Tuba, LIM Sun-bi, and Dan-a-ah. Pioneering is a content of three forces of the Medal Chronicles, which is a large-scale battle. The Medal Chronicles, which shows the first play version in G-Star, is a joint project of Net marble and Studio Dragon, which is a worldview where dramas and games are connected to each other, and in real time changing day, night, weather and climate, wearing clothes or food according to the day, night, weather and climate It is an MMORPG that gives us fun to live the world by eating and exploring new areas by building legs together.

‘I’m alone Level Up: Arise’ is the influencers such as Magenta, JU Short, Ago, and Aquino, and will showcase the main contents and action of the game through the time attack competition and influencer Daemon. Is expected. ‘I alone level up: Arise’ is an action RPG that uses ‘IP alone (D & C Webtoon Biz)’ IP, which has become a global popular webtoon with a cumulative view of 14.2 billion in the world.

Users can be a webtoon hero, Song Jin-woo, to battle, and level up to create their own action style with various skills and weapons. It also fostered the shadow corps, the core element of the original, and embodies the parts of the strong hunters as guild members.

PC online Battle Royale Game ‘Hope Squad’ will showcase Kim Sung-hoe, Gamut, and Chunder at the G-Star site during the weekend. The Battle Royale mode is a mode where the squad wins up to 60 people at the same time and survives until the end. The new touchdown mode, which is introduced through G-Star, is divided into two teams to destroy the opponent’s camp with a bomb.

‘Hope Squad’ is a real-time battle royale game in the future of the future, and is characterized by selecting a variety of weapons to participate in solo or three-person squad battles. The game will be officially serviced through the global game distribution platform Steam and the Epic Games Store.

G-Star 2022 on-site events can be viewed in real time on YouTube channel ‘Net marble TV’, and more information about Net marble G-Star entries and events can be found on the special page.

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