[Experience] A little emptyness that comes behind the snow cavity

  • Game Name: Spoken

  • Genre: Action RPG

  • Service / Developer: Square Enix / Luminous Production

  • Yo: ‘Poshokken’ is an action RPG produced by Square Enix’s developer Luminous Productions, and the main character, Free Holland, who lived in Hyundai New York, was transmitted to the magical world of Asia (ATRIA). It deals with. The game can be experienced at the BEX CO 1 Exhibition Hall Samsung Booth.

The G-Star 2022 Game Show, which is in full swing, is located in Samsung Booth, which is located in the first exhibition hall. Among the various demonstration games, it was the open world action game ‘Poshokken’, which Square Enix is developing. This is because it has been delayed several times, and there was not much opportunity to experience the demo version.

At the Samsung booth, it was possible to experience the demo version of the Spoken on the screen of the Samsung Gaming Monitor ‘Odyssey NEO G8’. The 4K UHD resolution, the monitor supporting 240Hz and the bright graphics of the game are more immersive, and the keyboard and mouse are provided as a controller.

The demo version of ‘Pothook’ is composed of a simple tutorial to learn how to manipulate the game and clearing the five goals on the map. Through this, it was possible to see basic gameplay such as movement and battle, and it was possible to experience the battles and parkour using the magic of the Spoken.

The first to learn the operation was that the movement of ‘magic parkour’ played a very important role in the game. It is a kind of all-round sauce used for almost all actions such as moving, battle, and avoidance. Based on the keyboard, the left Ctrl key is used, but since it is a lot of use, I needed time to get used to it.


Literally, magic parkour are a movement that uses magic power to surpass the terrain. If you use it in the future, it starts to dash quickly, and if an obstacle is located in between, it shows it overwhelming. The more you learn the game, the more you use it to climb the cliff.

It is also used to avoid enemy attacks, which makes it easy to avoid enemy attacks by using parkour in order to match the timing. In addition, it was also possible to melt in various forms in combat, such as riding a building and preoccupying a good location.

However, it was impossible to abuse it as an all-round technology because there is a limitation that can be used continuously. Evasion is easy to be exposed to the enemy by using all the number of times, and I thought it would be possible to climb the cliff, so I had to fall in the middle. If you stand still, you don’t feel enough to fill up quickly.

Along with the magic parkour, the key element of the Spoken is magic battle. The fun of using the magic of various attributes and effects in the right place for hostile and brilliant directing. It is in the form of choosing a magic that is rooted and using the magic at the bottom.

The magic that is the source of a particular attribute has a unique summary. For example, the magic that Frey learn from the beginning uses a ranged magic that attacks the enemy far away, and has a support magic that tie an enemy or treats himself with a thorn vine. On the other hand, the red magic that focuses on the near-range attack of the flame properties consists of a skill set that specializes in giving the enemy damage.

Each of the lower magic is different, so in this game, it is emphasized to use a variety of magics during the battle. In some cases, each enemy may have a resistance to certain attacks or attributes, so you have to choose the right magic.

As a combat system where magic replacement is the core, the layout of the manipulation key was also impressive. The keyboard standards Q and E keys are allowed to change the support magic and attack magic freely, and if you press the two keys at the same time, the wheel that can change the type of magic is popped up. Like the parkour, it was necessary to adapt in the beginning, but after adaptation, it was possible to easily replace the skill during the battle with many.

The bottom line is that the first impression of experiencing the battle of ‘Pothook’ was quite gorgeous. The magic production of Samsung booth’s monitor was so tight that it was a spectacular view. In addition, the long-range magic feels like enjoying a third-person shooter, and the short-range magic is likely to play a third-person Millie action to convey the combat experience in quite various angles.

However, it is a pity that the overall effect of the magic was so brilliant that the information could not be properly recognized in the screen. There are several places where it is difficult to check with whether the enemy was properly fitted or avoiding the attack with Parkour. In particular, this phenomenon is noticeable in the case of amplification magic that attacks a wide range of areas.

All the five goals provided in the demo version of the ‘Norfolk’ are part of the Open World Award Object, which will be available in the future games. It is a common factor in general open world games, such as a mysterious pond that can recapture the area occupied by enemies or learn new magic, and objects that strengthen their characters. It is a form that melted the journey of all the objects scattered throughout these places.

In addition, all these five branches are quite far from the map, perhaps the intention to experience the movement using the magic parkour. In fact, it was a very pleasant experience to go over the woods, boxes, and buildings.

However, my personal appreciation is that the concern that the map might be a little more than the fun of the parkour is more than the fun. It is a reasonable doubt that the Phosphors may also have the chronic problems of the number of open world games on the market. It may be a desolate land in the design concept of the map where the demo is going on, but it is true that there was a reason why there was such a desolate space in a demo that had to capture the hearts of visitors in a short time.

Of course, this experience is only a part of the game, so you may not have to worry about the elements that the demo has not shown. However, since many games that have been the open world action RPG have been on similar trains, and as it was a big deal for the demonstration of ‘Posh’, which changed its launch schedule due to the improvement of quality several times, it was rather than the impression of the brilliant magic battle. The regret for the desolate background may have come to mind first.

However, despite the impression of such an experience, the game is waiting for the release of the game because the unique magical combat system personally liked it. I also liked the battle of using a lot of magic, and it was fresh, and the long-distance was as if a gun was shooting, and the short-range magic was also fresh.

In addition, the elements that strengthen the characteristics of the characters through a cape, necklace, and nail art are also expected. Suddenly, Frey, who is suddenly falling in the world, uses magic with skinny jeans and white sneakers, is expected to show a fresh experience that he has never met.

If you are visiting G-Star 2022, please note the ‘Pothook’ demonstration zone located among the gaming monitors in Samsung booths. ‘Pothook’ will be officially released on January 24, 2023, on PS5 and PC.

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