5 -letter words with e as the third and last letter – Wordle game help


Another day, another puzzle of words! For those who still keep up to date with daily riddles, today’s word may surprise them a bit. This word presents two of the same letter, which can be a bit difficult to reduce for some. But for that we are here: here is every five-letter word with an E like the third and last letter.

5-letter words with E as the third and last letter-Wordle game help

  • Crêpe
  • Cream
  • Geese
  • cork
  • niece
  • obese
  • room
  • tail
  • scenery
  • campus
  • sit
  • Thesis
  • theme
  • there
  • where

This time, we have another relatively small list. Although Wordle only gives you six attempts, here are several words that begin with the same letter. Therefore, you should be able to reduce this word quite quickly if your letters play well.

With letters like S and T, each of which has three words with one of the two as an initial letter, it is probably the best idea to test those letters with their first conjectures. There is a much greater probability that these letters give it the correct result, so concentrate on them before choosing letters that only have one word, such as G, Q and W. Once you have them, you should get the answer in a short time.

There is our list of each word of five letters with an E like the third and last letter. If you want to get more suggestions that can help you get the correct answer, has another guide for you here.

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