Hideo Kojima wants to explore music and cinema creation

Something that has always announced the creator of Metal Gear Solid, Video Kolyma, is his somewhat frustrated dream of creating cinematographic productions, something that is reflected in his great works such as Death Stranding. However, he has recently commented his genuine interest in exploring this art next to the necessary complementary part, music.

Speaking at the Alan Awards in Japan (through Fujitsu), where the director won the highest honors in the culture category for his latest video game work, he said that although he has created titles throughout his career, all fields are connected In digital works, so he would like to expand to cinema and music.

It is worth remembering that in his biography of Twitter states that 70% of his body is made of films, and has not spoken so publicly about his desire to create music.


Kolyma Productions recently announced that he had established a film and television studio based in Los Angeles and, according to the company’s director, his work would seriously begin this year. This could be linked directly with Overdose, the next game that has apparently released clues of its final revelation.

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