Broncano leaves his stamp in the round of 16 of the I Bofootball Immersive Soccer Tournament

Football officially starts the Immersive football solidarity tournament. The competition allows sports personalities in our country to face the Superpower video game, developed by the Spanish company, for a beneficial purpose. Whoever gets the final victory will receive 6000 euros that will be allocated entirely to the foundation to their choice among the 140 in which the Common Goal movement collaborates.

The round of 16 have left important surprises, including Fed Vice’s review to David Bronco. Fun is sured. You can see the duel at the top of this news; If you prefer to see all the duels, you can do it from the Football Instagram profile. Next, we leave you the duels and who they have won (in bold).

All duels and winners of the round of 16 of the Immersive football solidarity tournament

Fed Vice -David Bronco
Adolfo Madrid–
Sergio Canals
Marcos Florence -Muir
Álvaro Morita -Amaya Voldemort
Actor Rival- Born Iglesi
cension -Mónica Hickman
Paddy -Marl van Donged

IAI Gómez -Gonzalo TMJ

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