Netmarble F & C subsidiary, new soccer game new meta football launch

Net marble F & C’s subsidiary Meta Bus World launched its new soccer game Metafootball through Google Play, Apple App Store and its own PC platform.

Met afoot Ball is a football game developed with Unreal 4 engines, and has a fun factor with a fast-paced 5-5 war, easy operation, and a tactical tactic using a variety of skills.

It is based on the mobile game extreme football launched by 9M Interactive in 2019. It has been more diversity than its predecessor, and has been able to enjoy it alone without any other users. Furthermore, it also supports real-time matching mode divisions operated by tier and confrontation mode arena, which will earn more rewards as they win.

Metafootballs can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store, and PC versions are available on the blockchain-based platform under development by Meta Bus World. However, the game does not support blockchain-based systems.

Megabus World is a Net marble F & C subsidiary and is developing NFT products and meta buses using blockchain technology. In addition, the company is operating a blockchain-based platform and joins the MetaVerse Standards Forum to promote the development of metals technology.


For more information, please visit the official Met afoot Ball official website (

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