Dragon Age series original anime Dragon Age: Invisible Trailer

Netflix has released a trailer video of the animated work Dragon Age: Absolution, based on the Bioware Dragon Age series.

This work will be distributed by Netflix from December 9, 2022. The Dragon Age series is an action RPG designed by Bioware, and this year’s latest series DRAGON AGE: DREADFUL has been released.

This time, the exclusive distribution of Netflix, Dragon Age: Invisible of Sin, the story is one of the countries that appears in the game, Reinter Empire. It depicts the dark past of Miriam, the once slave, their conflicts, and the fight against strong enemies.

The production of this work is in charge of Red Dog Culture House, known for the animated movie Witcher Wolf’s Nightmare.

Also, in the outline column of the preview video released this time, PS: Everyone who has read so far, let’s meet on Dragon Age Day. Maybe you can meet you sooner. Message too. Dragon Age Day is the day when the community event on December 4 is held every year, and there are expectations such as whether there is any big announcement just before the start of animation distribution on December 9th. 。


Dragon Age: Invisible will be exclusively distributed on Netflix from December 9th.

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