SLGs dreams of M -Game, the new film Lua focused on the localization of Korea.

Game will launch Mobile SLG (Strategic Simulation Game), Lua, in the Korean market on November 10, 22.

Developed by Chinese developer Giant Fun, Lua is a game that combines the SLG genre characteristics that are the strongest in the three-match puzzle combat system and their clan. I talked to the team leader Lee Senghor about the reason why Game chose SLG again as a new publishing game and what Lua’s charm is. /Reporter Kim Seung-ju

What game is Lua?

The game title, Le ROI, means ‘king’ in French. As the title suggests, an SLG part is present in the game that develops the player’s castle and sets up a strategy to conduct a clan war, server, etc., where a three-match puzzle battle is mixed.

The three-match puzzle content that works with the hero has an adventure that breaks through the stage and an arena, an asynchronous PVP. Heroes have five attributes: water, fire, grass, light, and darkness, and each attribute has a match. Each hero has different skills, so the combination of the situation is important. The game proceeds with three same colors to attack the line.

The SLG part is faithfully following the existing formula that develops its own territory and competes with others in a large field. Troops include infantry, archers, paladin, wizards, and dark knights. The hero who leads the troops is divided into four stages, ranging from B to SS.

In the center of the field, there is a ‘Wool’. If you occupy the castle, you will be the king clan of the server, and the king clan will receive a variety of benefits such as scientific research and training speed. King Clan’s clan can be king and decide to clan members. The royal contents of the day are held every week.

In addition, there are various contents in Lua, and this content progress can receive the items necessary to summon and exchange heroes. For example, the ‘3 Match Challenge’ content is held every week for two days, and you can compensate for who is the best three-match player on the server.

The content that is scheduled can be found in the game through the calendar. Lee Senghor, head of Game Lee Senghor, emphasized that the game can be played according to the player’s tendency because of the high contents and the charm of each content.

We focused on polishing (localization work) for Korean service

The following is a question and answer with journalists who have been introduced after the game.

Q. Dismiss Game: Why did Game choose Lua as a new publishing?

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: First, the difference is the amount of content. As you know, Korean users have fast content consumption, so they must continue to update to remain in the game. Lua is planning to update a large-scale update, including heroes once a month. As we are already in China, we have played the game internally at M Game for a long time, and we have been confident in terms of content supply and update. In November, when the game was opened, a large-scale update will be made.

Last year, it was a genre that could be a genre, but it is not to play a zero-sum game. Lua has a three-match puzzle content and a content such as a neglected game, so the user can have fun in other ways.

In addition, I paid attention to various angles to publish games in Korea. He went through a lot of polishing work, such as modifying the content to solve the fatigue felt in the existing SLG, and the Korean server-only hero, such as Yi Sun-shin, was also implemented in the game.

Q. Can localization characters be released more?

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: In addition, we will launch a limited character of Korea. Later, I think it will be fun to say, These characters can be used in games. Voice actor dubbing is also completed, and skills will be implemented unique to the character characteristics.

Q. Is Lua, which is serviced in Korea, is the Korean sole version?

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: Right. However, it is planning to contain global war servers. In China, Tencent has been carrying out local services since July, and other publishers are planning to launch games in other regions such as Southeast Asia and the United States since Korea. Even countries that have started late to offset discrimination between regions are also considering various systems so that they can have sufficient competitiveness in the global server.

Q. I had a beta test in one store. What kind of feedback did you usually have?

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: The most frequent feedback was an additional hero character. I also checked how much tired the user felt, but there were a lot of feedback that it was not higher than I thought.

What domestic users consider the most important was the difference in billing. In this area, there are many heroes in the game, but I would like to explain that it can be obtained by proceeding with the content, not just by summoning. There are various contents in Lua, and the hero can be obtained as a ticket that can be obtained here. The difference is obvious, but it is not a limit because it is unpaid. When I publish the game, I always try to narrow this difference.

Q. I emphasized the localization very much, but do Game also have the right to create their own content?

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: Of course. The headquarters also likes the paintings we paint. We are preparing a lot of content on our own.

Q. Although the SLG element is emphasized, is there any other content related to 3 match puzzles?

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: There is an event that copies the ranking with a 3 match puzzle. 3 match puzzle content is not just the first place on the server, but can be first in the game. Compared to achieving the first place in SLG content, the rewards are slightly less, but in this area, the user is preparing for the update to make it feel fulfilled through sufficient rewards.

Q. I emphasized localization to reduce fatigue, but can you introduce the case?

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: Is the clan activity important for SLG games? Lua, which is serviced in China, has the ability to automatically withdraw from the clan if it does not respond a few times to the clan’s request for siege. These things were boldly cut. And it was possible to get compensation without participating in the clan content. Naturally, the compensation of the participant will be greater, but even if you do not participate, it will not be disadvantaged.

The fatigue and the problem are the worries of all Slugs. It is important to adjust the fatigue at a convincing level, but it is also good to note that Lua can enjoy other content in real time while siege.

Q. Is the in-game BM the end of the summoning hero?

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: SLG focuses on attacking or strengthening the citadel and protecting his goods. However, Lua can be enjoyed enough without spending money. I have done a lot of polishing work so that even the users of the no and small payers can enjoy the game by gaining the hero through the content.

Q. Local heroes may be too strong.

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: The ability and skills are all careful through consultation with the developer. As the global server is also worried, the hero for specific servers is not too strong.

Q. Can you explain the representative content in the open spec with the feeling of organizing?

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: 3 Match puzzles, adventures, arenas, lord level ups, construction, sexual decorations, clan wars, etc. Last year, I felt that the amount of content was important while serving games of the same genre, and as much as I was currently released in the interview, we are preparing as much content. I will update once a month.

Q. I wonder if there is also a separate PC client.

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: The story came out inside, but I already didn’t add a lot of good emulators on the market and could enjoy the game without difficulty.

Q. Is there a specific goal through the launch of Lua?

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: The goal is to enter sales TOP 3.

Q. I would like a word to the domestic gamers waiting for Lua.

a. Lee Senghor, Team Leader: It would be nice if many people enjoyed the game. There was a lot of trouble because it was difficult to visit the developer in person because of Corona 19, but I made a lot of effort to make Korean services and localization. I want to enjoy the game fun.

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