[Daikiri] Announcement of screening results for Game Language in 50 Years later!

Weekend Limited Easy Planning GAMESpark Girl, the 636th screening results are announced. The theme this time was 50 years later game term , but thank you for many answers. As a result of the evaluation of everyone’s evaluation and the person in charge of the person in charge, and the person in charge, the answer received from everyone was selected as the best answer.

__ Friend of Spa

Forget new game

I want this to be realized. I’m just worried about the impact on other memories

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Side dish game
As a result of the establishment of a technology that can express the smell in the game in reality
So because people who eat rice have continued

FF15 is remade and real food is even more powerful

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Cross planet compatible

How much communication technology has evolved

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Brain ban

Really permanent BAN

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50 years after playing on brain waves
Retro games that play with controllers and hands

If you go there, your fingers will degenerate

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Sneaking the game data of DOOM
There is a possibility that everything will be Due depending on the IoT

Let’s use it now

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The contents of Tuber are AI
A phenomenal talk skill created by machine learning
Human-like gestures fascinated many people than humans,
It has become a huge content of the world 50 years later.


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Heat-resistant PC

The fever of CPU and grab exceeds the limit of the cooling function,
The PC was born because it is faster to give up cooling and attach heat resistance to the PC.
In winter, it functions as heating.

Boil tea

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Real drunk
By specializing in the Semi-Regulatory Extreme in the VR environment,
A phenomenon that you can feel when you remove the VR goggles

Always VR goggles on

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Terrain’s final update is released

The meaning of still continuing

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Sixteen barrage Cannon: Buddha statue imitating a master of Takanashi, a national treasure
Dedicated to Hokkaido Xingu

Always vibrate only in the hand

__ Friend of Spa

A remake of the remake version,
There is a remake of it

FF magic!

__ Friend of Spa

Buying now is bad space and time

Uncle with a bad space-time now looks like a great ability

__ Friend of Spa

50-year stacking game

It seems to be aged

__ Friend of Spa

Game brain: Operate the game with EEG. It used to be a different meaning in the past.

There may be terms that the meaning changes from modern times.

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Tire game
In a world where flying cars have been put to practical use
A racing game that operates a car running on the ground.

Autonomous driving has become widespread, and it may not even drive in reality…

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In the world where AI fights with each other, not people anymore

Watching game is a huge hit

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II creator

Is it a good or bad meaning…

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The type of the hero ( gender) and the appearance

Applying to a fixed frame is no longer legal

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cyber punk
Current that the game 50 years ago predicted

Does it feel like a retro outre?

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