The release of the Metroidvania GHOST SONG, which travels for strange satellites! A work that has been developing for 9 years with the aim of a compromise without a compromise has finally appeared

Developer Old Moon and Publisher Humble Games have released 2D action adventure GHOST SONG and released launch trailers.

This work is a 2D action adventure that aims to solve the secrets that were buried long ago while exploring the desolate satellite Dorian and fighting strange creatures. Inspired by past metroidvania works, 2D worlds that have a large amount of secret rooms are hidden, and explore and obtain weapons and skills to strengthen themselves to explore new areas. It is characterized by game play heading for.

The Kickstarter campaign itself was launched in August 2013. One month later, we have posted an update to collect $54,007 and post the development status even after the campaign ends, and we have revealed that this work is the first large-scale project to develop al1. Increase. However, in the latter half of 2017, he announced that he would re-create a new game engine, saying that he would like to make a work that he would be proud of, even over time, with problems that were difficult to solve in terms of performance and design. After that, in November 2022, after more than nine years since the campaign continued, it was finally released to the release.

Developer MATT WHITE said on October 31, 2022, due to long-term developments and initial prospects due to some elements described at the start of the campaign in 2013, such as supporting Linux and Mac. I apologize for being unreasonable. He has not imagined that such a long-term development will be performed, but in a sense, he has been grateful to the supporters for the end.

GHOST SONG is distributed for 1,980 yen for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch (Microsoft Store is 2,000 yen). It is also included in the compatible titles of Humble Games Collection and Xbox / PC Game Pass.

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