[Gem Star Temple] Should I overcome it as a girl limit girl? The goddess of victory: Nikke

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[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] The expectation of the expectation of the second half of the victory: Nike (Nike) was released. It is the second new work released by Kim Hyung-tae, CEO of Kim Hyung-tae, who is a unique illustration at home and abroad. Nike chose a dry shooting genre, which is a relative non-mainstream in the domestic mobile game market.


Nike tells the story of Android weapons, Nike, who is in crisis against the backdrop of the devastated earth. The user must become a commander and operate Nike and defeat the ‘rapture’ that threatens the earth. At the beginning of the tutorial, a shocking story is unfolded for the purpose of ‘hooking’ users, and it is an effective device that explains that the worldview of the game and Nike can share with the commander. In addition, the mystery element surrounding the main character from the beginning was developed, and the curiosity was thrown by throwing a large amount of rice cake.

The battle, the core of the game, is simple. It is designed on the vertical screen so that it can be easily enjoyed with one hand, and Nike basically maintains cover and presses the screen with a finger to shoot in that direction. Mobile elements are extremely excluded and focused only on shooting aiming.

However, there are many factors to consider, such as intercepting flying missiles or partially destroying the boss’s gloves. The back of Nike, who solves and attacks cover during shooting, is highlighted. This is also a factor that caused both topics and controversies at the time Nike was first exhibited in G-Star last year.

The weapons used by Nike are rifles, launchers, and sniper rifles. In addition, if you consume all the Santa, you should refrain from spraying unnecessary bullets in the air as it is required to reload. Of course, like a cry, it may be questioned why it is necessary to reload in the future, but it was clear that reload motion is a very nice and tension element. Personally, I had a good taste when causing a lot of damage to the launcher rather than a rifle.

Recently released beautiful girl games are often designed to interact with the characters in the game. Nike also placed elements that could be attached to Nice. The user can continue to encounter new Nike in the process of progressing the game, to talk with them, identify personality or find new elements. In addition, a messenger reminiscent of KakaoTalk has a conversation with individual Nike and has a quest or a sincere conversation.

The design of Nike, which is the most important element of the game, has been impressed by the fact that the design is comparable. The illustrations embodied with the characters of individuality and charm and the evolved live 2D technology stimulated the desire to collect. If you are a thumb who enjoys collecting RPGs, it seems to be no longer. However, there are some character designs that are difficult to play on the subway.

In this way, Nike seems to have no flaw in the appearance. Beautiful girls and mechanics are a great box office card, but as mentioned at the beginning, it is still unknown whether it can overcome the limitations of non-mainstream genres. It seems that the key is how much Nike’s shooting battle can be unfamiliar or difficult for gamers who play RPGs.

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