The adventure journey of Harvester is essential for communication! ? I listened to the conversation technique that is useful in games for communication professionals

We thought, If telework is commonplace, we want to live far away, and we want to get the skills to live in strangers Go to Shun Vegetable Minor Farm , the basics of agriculture. I have learned.

In this case, you should be able to live in a long-awaited countryside with self-sufficiency…! ! And in the world of Harvested , you should be able to experience a brilliant agricultural life! ! Beautiful nature, delicious vegetables, and if you think about it (physical), sweating is no longer difficult.

In a fantasy world, grow up, travel, interact with people

Even if you can’t go somewhere yet, we have a game and Harvested . The life simulation Harvested with life, exchange and adventure will be released on Nintendo Switch on November 4, 2022 (Steam version is November 5, 2022. Released). In this work, you will travel to the world of adventure while running agriculture, meet people in towns that take care of your daily life, and many characters around the world in various places.

The important thing in the encounter is to share. No matter how far you move, no matter how long it is, you will have an interaction with some1. Even if the ideal crops are raised, share that joy will need to communicate between people.

…… Speaking of which, since the spread of telework, I feel like I haven’t been able to communicate much. From now on, you can’t help but improve your community to play Harvester, which draws the interaction with the people you meet on adventures! This time, let’s have a professional taught a professional communication technique that can be encountered in an adventure! !

Dr. I want to communicate…

We headed for Japan Communication Authorization Certification Association . If you are in society, you need to have communication skills… you’ve heard many words. However, it is difficult to answer clearly when asked what it is. But if it is certified, is that okay? So there is no doubt! ! Professor Akin Got, a Japanese Educational Promotion Foundation Certified Communication Trainer! ! Please! !

── Thank you for today. First, please introduce yourself.

Akin Got (hereinafter referred to as Got) : I’m Got. The Association has developed a Communication Authorization Course based on NLP psychology, and has issued a certificate as a certification to those who have received the certified course. At present, there are several companies, but it is the association that has the first qualification course in Japan to make communication practical skills.

Until now, many individuals and companies have consulted about how to communicate. It is not limited to familiar communication in the company. You may be consulted by managers who are struggling with the difficulty of interacting between generations. There are also many consultations on how to prevent harassment.

For individuals who learn by individuals, there are many diverse managers, managers, office workers, and the public, and even job hunters are often taken after job hunting or joining the company. In fact, I used to be a lecturer at a cram school, and in contact with many children, I felt that psychology was necessary as a living base as well as the ability to communicate as efficient technologies. That thought became stronger, and I changed jobs to my current position. Currently, we are conducting communication courses and training with companies.

Exchange of Harvested seen in the professional eyes

─ Before this story, I heard that the trial version of Harvester was already played. I hope you have a frank impression.

Got: It doesn’t mean communication skills, but can you talk as a single gamer first (laughs)? In fact, I don’t play so many games, but the first thing I felt was that the camera work was honest and good.

A more complex camera work may be required by the player in a more intense game, but for me, one of the cameras is difficult, so I felt that Harvester was easy to play. It was impressive that the position of the camera that was naturally easy to see as a player was automatically taken as a player.

Got: The graphics are beautiful. I was impressed by the visuals, such as the seasonal feeling that I could see as soon as I reached the field. The background seen from the city was also good. Speaking of the city, it was good that it was a simplified and easy-to-understand map when moving to another place. There are games that need to walk from the end to the end, but I feel a little troublesome (laughs).

It was a game with time management elements, so I was wondering if I would be impatient at first. However, if you look closely at the fields to explore, you can connect the shortcuts, and you will be able to move immediately from the next time, so I felt that there were many players-friendly parts.

The cultivation of agricultural crop was simpler than I expected (laughs). The complicated and elaborate games are good, but I felt that the balance was good as a whole.

──How from the viewpoint of communication?

Got: It will be in the range to the trial version, but I felt that communication in the game would be quite different depending on the player.

My wife also played, but I often looked sideways and often rushed in, Why did you choose that? My wife replied, Because it looks more interesting. This means that you are making choices that you do not do yourself in your daily life in the game.

But the opposite is the opposite, and I want to choose the one that is closer to my sensitivity, How to communicate if it’s every day. Tactics Ogre Born will be released soon ( at the time of the interview). I’m looking forward to it, but that game has a big branch. Depending on the choice, there are characters that do not become friends or items that are not available. But even if I know that the character I want to be a friend cannot be obtained by that choice, I will do this! ! I want to give priority to those who like. I feel like I can play while convinced.

Furthermore, I like this character, so I can make this choice, and I can get such a good item, so I think it’s a game that seems to be such a width. 。

If you are a gamer, you may try out various patterns, but since general players do not do so, many people think that they will make their choices. In that sense, I felt like a shortening of communication . In fact, even if you are playing with items priority, I think that your own choice will be on your head in the player’s own thoughts.

My impression is that it is a game that has the range of communication for many players.

──It was said to be a controlled map of communication, can you explain it a little more?

Got: Games are also made by human hands, so even if you say that you can make various choices, you will have to go to some extent to some extent. On the other hand, it can be said that the daily communication we do is an open frame, but in this game, in the choice you want, you can communicate that you will get. I thought that communication was like a daily shrinkage.

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The key to human relationships is an attempt to build trust.

─。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 On the other hand, in the real world, it is sometimes said that communication has become more active due to the spread of SNS etc., but human relationships have become weaker. So, please tell me how to treat people who are actually worried, not just games.

Got: If you dare to do something, I think it is important how much you can make a trust relationship . If you are worried about human relationships, if you think that communication with the other person is not successful, you may not have a trusting relationship with that person.

I often say that communication is communication. If you can convey it without shifting each other as you think or as your opponent thinks, at least a large collision should not happen.

I’m talking to my wife and sometimes responds to the words spoken by my wife. At this time, from my experience in my life so far, I guessed that I would probably think of the current word like this, and I was angry without permission. There are bias, colored glasses, such words, but even if the same situation is the same, it will take different ways of perceived depending on the experience of that person.

Got: This gap is as small as possible, and if it is said to be A, it is necessary to have a relationship of trust between each other. Then, how to build that trust is a matter of worrying.

I am the person who teaches the Communication ability certification course, so from that point of view, if you have such knowledge, I think it is important to move from the provided side. What to do is the first attempt to match the other party from here.

Of course, it does not mean to be forced. If you change the word, you understand the other person. At the end of this understanding, there is a goal of leading the opponent.

It doesn’t work if you try to lead without understanding what the other person is saying. Instead of feeling the other person, try to understand. If you can understand it, it will be easier to build a relationship of trust, and you will start to understand what it was, and let’s do the next advice! I am giving such a guidance, saying that it will be possible to do the lead.

An It’s a bit hard lately
B It’s okay! If you are !!

For example, even if you have such a small conversation, if you have a relationship of trust, you may think that you may be able to do your best because B says. However, if someone who has no relationship of trust says, It’s not okay, but it’s useless to talk. Even with the same conversation, this exactly happens.

Even if you don’t fully understand, you first try to understand, Yes, it’s hard. And if the other person asks for advice from there, he will give advice for the first time. I think that the relationship of trust will become thicker by repeating such things.

You just have to start with a person who is easy to do. First, I think it’s good enough to try it out and try it.

─。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 If you think calmly, you may think that it may be a different behavior, but what about this method in terms of communication?

Got: I think it’s a good communication method. First, if you don’t talk from here, nothing will start, so I think it’s good. Also, in Harvested, I was impressed by the choice of conversation for the other party’s story that many of them repeated what they talked about. In fact, by doing it on a daily basis, it is easier to build a trusting relationship. Unless you already know a good relationship, if you meet for the first time, you often say, Let’s listen first. And if possible, if you respond to your emotions in the other party’s story, the feeling of listening will increase. It seems to be a small hand, but it is a good way to make a relationship of trust. I think it’s okay to repeat the word.

Rather, in the middle of the other party’s story, you start acting without permission… This is a better communication. I will return to the previous story, but after all, I don’t understand the other person’s story.

What surprised me when I played Harvester was that the picture of the character’s face displayed at the time of the conversation showed various expressions. There are also communication in non-language, so facial expressions are also important. In any case, listening first is all the start.

──If you play games while being aware of such a thing, will it be useful to communicate in real life?

Got: I think it is very different between a game for one person and a game that connects with friends online. If you connect online, you may not be able to communicate with people, so depending on your view, it may be a communication training.

Normally, I think that I wouldn’t start the game because I thought, I’ll practice communication! If you are not good at communicating, I think it is ant to use online games and start from there.

If you work as a training, it will not be a good training if you return the reaction not to remain the same tone as your daily life, but to return to the goal of telling you earlier and the goal of connecting with people. I think it will be.

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People are changing communication depending on the location

Got: Communication on the net is that what kind of person do you want to be after all? Even if you are in front of you or on the Internet, you can think that it is the same in the long term in the sense of interacting with people, and those who send it in such a place. I think it’s perfect.

The story is back, but if you interact, you can’t affect without a trust relationship.

── What kind of person do you want to be? I think it’s an important theme. However, there are actually many people who can’t have it. If you don’t have such a goal, how do you think about communication?

Got: I think that there is an order for each person to have a goal. It’s not something that imposes what kind of person you want to be! So, first, I want to solve what I can, what I want to do, for example, someone’s worries! Isn’t it okay? There are more or less worries, and it can be communication.

Even if you don’t have the goal of what you want to be, you can first move to solve the worries of the person in front of you. A small one is fine, so you can get such a communication experience and think about it. It’s difficult to say that you should make your goals.

Also, for those who are doing their best in their current life, it’s a bit difficult to think about the future. When I was a small child, I didn’t have any clear goals, but I just wanted to do something and move around. It is normal that the goals are lost due to various effects as they grow up. However, paradoxically, I think that it is something that can be a goal as a former. However, there is no goal right now. I think that is fine.

──The current online games are also voice chat. It is not unusual to talk about every day, but do not know each other’s faces. What should I do to do such communication?

Got: As a major premise, I think that if it works well, you need to do something. It’s pretty tough in everyday life to always try to make it better. The reason I suggest it is to review your communication patterns when you think, I don’t go well or I want to get along a little more.

If you don’t think it’s going well, it’s a good idea to think, It’s not going well with my current communication pattern. If you don’t think it’s always a bad role when you participate in a community somewhere, it’s one of the results of your own communication.

For example, there may always be some humble self. I was just thankful that I was able to participate in the group, and such a wording appeared. (I can’t help but have a gap with my usual self.) If it’s a voice chat, you can’t see it, so you’ll be able to try a little acting to change the pattern.

If you want to have a flat relationship with everyone, you may want to try the language flat, or in some cases, get out of the group and participate in various places. It may be.

Also, if you can’t say your opinion, you’ve said that listening to the story is basically, but you may have just heard it in a voice chat. I think that you can change your own opinion only when you are here, or you can change it with such a challenge.

── Thank you for your concept of communication. Then, please give me a word about Mr. Got’s future.

Got: Unless you join a student to a company, you will have to change yourself, because the surrounding environment will change overall on a yearly basis than you are young. There is a side. In other words, it is easy to keep flexibility.

The more you worked and worked for a long time, the more difficult the surroundings occurred. I guess the era is not now, but when I get older, I tend to get stiff. Such a background and what I talked about today is knowledge. I feel that it is a waste to not know, so I want to spread it through various requests and contribute to a world where more people can live a little.

Psychological things will be increasingly necessary in the future. Perhaps some people have the impression of controlling the other person, but I think it’s something for mutual understanding and their own understanding.

Even if you have an aggressive aspect inside, you need to admit that you are yourself. However, in many cases, it is not aggressive because I want to attack. Being reacted is a reaction that appeared because you want to protect it because you have your own beliefs and what you want to take care of. If you notice such a thing, you will be able to keep what you care about, and the option of What kind of action can you do instead of attacking? I would like to convey this directly to many children in the future, not only for adults.

Let’s build trust with Harvested

When you jump into an unknown land, a new environment, and a scene, everyone is worried that he can do well with people. But we learned the secret of communication! ! If you try to understand the other person, even if you are little, and try to get involved yourself, you will surely grow your trust.

The characters you meet in Harvested are at various crossroads. As a player, as a person living together in the Harvest world, standing with them will increase intimacy. It may be in everyday life, or it may only be seen on the adventure stage. If you use the crops you have already learned from the knowledge of farm work, you should be able to look into another aspect.

Just by living and interacting in similar days, new stimuli is unlikely to occur. You can see different aspects only because of different environments. In other words, you need an adventure! ! The next challenge is the skill of adventure.

Until November 4, 2022, when Harvested will be released, there is still a little more time. Because it is important to travel, we editorial department headed to the further collaborator, JAPAN HUNTER GIRLS.

Next time, Adventure will be released on Friday, November 4th.

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