Somerville and more games arrive at Xbox Game Pass

November is already underway, and that means that the list of games available at Xbox Game Pass will increase from today. On this occasion we have a very interesting selection , as well as a couple of news that are worth mentioning.

As of today, November 1 , the following games will be added to Xbox Game Pass:


the legend of finding (cloud, console and PC)-Available today

The Walking Dead: a New Frontier-The Complete Season (PC)-Available today

The Walking Dead: Michonne-The Complete Season (PC)-Available today

ghost Song (cloud, console and PC)-November 3

Football Manager 2023 (PC)-November 8

Football Manager 2023 Console (cloud, console and PC)-November 8

return to Monkey Island (cloud, console and PC)-November 8

Vampire Survivors (console)-November 10

Sentiment (cloud, console and PC)-November 15

Somerville (console and PC)-November 15

Without a doubt, a quite interesting selection. If you still continue with Halloween fever, the two seasons of The Walking Dead are perfect. Along with this, return to Monkey Island was an exclusive switch in consoles, and will finally reach other platforms. Finally, Somerville_ is the next game of the creator of limbo e inside, so it is very worth giving him a chance.

In related issues, Phil Spencer admits the lack of games in Xbox. Similarly, writer of horizon forbidden West joins Xbox.

Editor’s note:

Although the selection of this occasion does not have great names, it does have a series of experiences that are worth it, and the users of this service should not miss. I can’t wait to give Somerville a chance.

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