Scaramouche is now a wanderer! Genshin Impact announces the messenger Fatui and Faruzan

The Genshin Impact community started the week with a big surprise. In addition to the disclosure of Patch 3.2’s November Banners, Hoovers has revealed two new characters, which can arrive in update 3.3. Among them the long awaited scaramouche , which appears reformulated, with different look, skills and names, called Walker . The character comes up with Tarzan , an Anemia that had not yet had appearances in the game.

New characters

With the arrival of Bahia and Layla in version 3.2, the new advertised duo should make their debut only after 3.3.

Walker, the eternal walker and Tarzan, the enigmatic driver

Scaramouche is presented quite different from the villain already known by the community. Sixth messenger Fate was introduced when the traveler’s adventures were situated in trauma and since then he has become a challenge for the protagonist, especially in his boss version.


As the wanderer he has changed to become playable, as expected. Hoovers has shown that it will be a five star Anne and catalyst user, being the second man to use the gun in the game.

Unlike the villain, Tarzan had not appeared in the history of the game before, so it’s total news for the community. She is also an Anemia, who dominates the bow and will be four stars. Unlike what the leaks pointed out, the appearance of Tarzan is not the same as shown earlier in rumors.

With regard to your skills, your elemental power is believed to serve to mark opponents and generate a wind zone on the floor that can suck enemies. While in the Supreme summons a creature that causes an explosion of damage animus.

For the next updates, up to eight new characters are expected to be inserted, according to leaks, among them, Walker and Tarzan, planned for Patch 3.3. There is no further information about the pair, such as skills, but new details are expected to be revealed soon.

In addition, Hoovers performed an update 3.2 presentation live and confirmed Arc hon Pedro, Bahia and the new Cry Layla in the next banner, starting November 2.

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