Lol – Mersa will be the second signing of Team Heretics: everything you need to know about the player

Although the tradition marks that the company’s competitive signing market of Legends does not start until mid-November, the prompt elimination of European teams in the World Cup has precipitated the events. If we recently knew the possible incorporation of Agenda to KOI after Done’s departure, now the leakers of the transfer market focus on Team Heretics . The Spanish team, which will debut at LEC 2023 after buying the Misfits Gaming Square, would have closed the incorporation of Versa .

Versa, a signing inherited from Misfits Gaming

Despite not having contractual obligations with the players or members of the Misfits Gaming Technician, Team Heretics has decided to search the club to which the place bought the piece that closes its lower lane. This is how the Romanian journalist Marian Eros Stoic has reported, who accumulates a great history of successes, among which the scoop on the missing of the European Legends League of Legends. In this sense and although you always have to be prudent with the leaks, the operation is very likely to get to fruition.

Versa’s career as a professional League of Legends player is remarkably short. At 20, this support of Greek origin only accumulates two and a half seasons competing at the highest level of demand. However, each of the great jumps that have composed their meteoric ascent has been pulled. Starting from the Regional League of Greece, he managed to qualify for Welovegaming to the European Masters. There were no great results at collective level in its first continental competition, but there it began to stand out individually.

His good performances led him to sign for Said was supposed , a Serbian team that achieved his best result in three seasons of history reaching the quarterfinals of European Masters. In this round, they were defeated with difficulties by Carmine Corp, which would end up winning the tournament. Even so, for Versa the story was not very different from that of its past seasons. Again, he surprised his individual performance again and to get offers to take a step forward in his career. This time from the hand of Misfits Gaming.

Versa signed for Gaming Misfits at the end of last year to play in his academy. However, the club notified its fans before the start of the 2022 LEC Spring Spring Split that they had decided to turn it into a player of the first squad. His training performance had been enough to give him the opportunity and since then he did not get off the starting team. In his first two seasons in the competition he had a good performance and was able to prepare the playoffs of the two annual editions of the maximum European competition of League of Legends.

Team Heretics is made with a young player of great projection who has left good feelings in each of the teams he has passed. Without having been the best support of LEC during the last season-he was expected of a debutant-if he is part of a generation that begins to take over in the European Legends . Versa has shown to compete from you to you with the players already settled in the elite and, although it still has some aspects of your game to improve, it is an interesting bet to make the squad and accompany Jackspektra.

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