Choco ice cream Pinot official Otome Game Appears. The person in charge Runaway and cool Pino Mens Birth

On October 3, Marinara Milk launched a limited-time package of the chocolate ice cream PIANO. You can play the game by reading the QR code on the back of the pilot lid on the mobile terminal. There are a total of six games, and the games that can be read for each package are different. Above all, the Tome Game, where you can enjoy romance with Pilot, seems to be attracting a lot of attention from users.


Pilot is an ice cream sold by Marinara Dairy. Coated a smooth and rich vanilla ice cream with a good semi-sweet chocolate. It is a single-piece ice that can enjoy the exquisite taste of chocolate and ice. A limited-time product has been released with different flavors of chocolate and ice.

And this time, Pilot, which is a Pi nose package for a limited time, is on sale. By reading the QR code printed on the back of the lid, it seems that you can play Pine, a game related to Pilot. In addition, the Pinto package contains vanilla ice cream and chocolate normal Pilot. There are a total of six types of piggies, and the games that can be read for each package are different. Above all, the maiden game Piano KOI seems to be attracting users.

In Pinyin KOI, a Pilot boy who puts a cool uniform blazer cool without passing through the sleeves. It seems to be a romantic game that aims to improve Pilot from a conversation with options. Pilot tries to keep a distance from the hero because of the difference in human and ice cream. It seems that a love pattern unique to ice, such as trying a kinship against cold, is drawn. Is it possible to develop his heart and develop into a hot love? If you are interested, please try it. Pilot’s voice is that voice actor and actor Rhoda Timur are serving.

In addition, under the supervision of Sega, the title Puyo collaborated with Puyo. In addition to Pinolegend, where you can enjoy hot ice battles between various pins, there are unique games such as racing games and sound games. For details, please check this official website.

It seems that Pinochet was created as a game where you can laugh for a few minutes to eat Pilot. Each Pinochet seems to be a bite-sized pilot, a palm-edition game. If you are worried, why not take this opportunity to enjoy a pine that makes you laugh at the snack time?

Pine package Pilot is on sale for a limited time at each retail store.

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