The high -rating strategic game The Battle of Polytopia is supported in Japanese and started distribution of Nintendo Switch. Domination of the world by the Low Poli tribe

On October 13, developer Median has launched the Nintendo Switch version of the turn-based strategic game Polynomial . The price is 1999 yen (tax included). The game is supported by Japanese display.

Politician is a turn-based strategy game set in a flat world where people called Politician live. The game mode includes a perfect-containing high score in a total of 30 turns, a dominance aiming to defeat all other tribes, and a creative that can be adjusted by adjusting various rules. This work is a so-called 4X game, and players send out units produced at the base, explore the map, fight other tribes, and develop new technologies to expand their territory.

Twelve tribes are prepared (excluding DLC), and the technologies you have learned initially are different. For example, Shin-Shi can go on a mountain tiles, and Blue can hunt wild beasts. During play, you can acquire a star according to the population of your own team, and you can develop new technologies by consuming it in a technical tree. Unlocked units, buildings, abilities, etc. with different abilities, consumed stars and produced to strengthen their own power. Then, while responding to the invasion of the enemy tribe, expand your power.

In this work, the mobile version was released in 2016, and the PC (Steam) version was released in advance in 2020, and at this time it was overwhelmingly popular status in Steam’s user review. The mobile version is also very highly evaluated. It seems that it is a strategic game that can be enjoyed easily and still has a depth. And in the Nintendo Switch version distributed this time, the Japanese display was newly supported. The PC/mobile version of this work is compatible with multiplayer, but the Nintendo Switch version is currently only single play.

The Battle of Polynomial is being distributed for Nintendo Switch. LCS that add new tribes are also sold. The PC (Steam) and iOS/Android versions are also available, and these versions are also supported in Japanese.

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