Run away, a horde of gorilla and entity! The demonstration version of BACKROOMS HIDE AND SEEK, a hide -and -seek with up to 100 players

REAL COOL GAMES has released the store page and demo version of the team-type competition game Backrooms Hide and Seek where up to 100 people participate.

As the title suggests, this work has a concept from the popular network THE BACKROOMS overseas. Speaking of this mystery, it is composed of dim and quiet space and the eerie entity, but the screenshots and videos published on the store page are flocks of running around. **… I have a bad feeling like a B-class movie.

Currently, the demo version is released on the Steam store page, and you can play by creating a game lobby as a host or participating in the created lobby. The number of players is up to 100, which is quite large.

Players are divided into two teams, a human and monster side, and the human side performs missions while hiding so that monsters cannot be found, and monsters track and attack humans. There are multiple types of maps, and there is also a map called Backrooms.

Backrooms Hide and Seek will be distributed on October 25 for PC (Steam). The demo version is currently being distributed.

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