How to fix the error of input bc

Overwatch 2 is ready for action after a long waiting. When it launches, countless players tried to enter the multi-user mode, but there are reports of various problems, including DDoS attacks and numerous errors. One of them is the error of entering the BC-153 system, due to which you can ask how to correct this problem in Overwatch 2.

How to fix the Overwatch 2 BC-153 error

There are various solutions you can try to eliminate the BC-153 error in Overwatch 2. We recommend that you first make sure that the problem arose on your side, and not on the Blizzard side. You can check Overwatch support page Twitter or Blizzard to find out if there is a well-known problem or maintenance. If none of them takes place, the problem is on your side, and you can try the following solutions to correct the BC-153 error in Overwatch 2.

  • Check your Internet and restart the connection, if necessary.
  • Carry out a complete reloading of a PC or console.
  • Make sure that Overwatch 2 is updated.
  • Close and restart overwatch 2.
  • Delete and reinstall Overwatch 2.

One of these problems should eliminate the BC-153 error in Overwatch 2, but if the problem is not eliminated, you may need contact Support Lizard . If there are still no ways to eliminate the BC-153 error after contacting Blizzard, you may have to be patient and wait.

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