[TOKEN2049] The link between the Weix 3.0 reality and digital

Topic: Impacting Lives Through Games, Devi, and Days

Lecture: Head of SEO ILG ㅣ Remade

Announcement: ‘Token2049 (token 2049)’ lecture

Keywords: #Mega-Ecosystem #wemix Play #nile #wemix3.0 Main net

Token2049, the largest global cryptocurrency event, was held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, on September 28 and 29.

‘Token 2049’ is a global conference that deals with blockchain, cryptocurrency, and premium web three topics. This year, more than 3,000 people related to cryptocurrency and more than 130 companies participated.

In the Token2049 site, Robin SEO, who is in charge of the Remade in the Remade, said on the topic of ‘Remix 3.0: A game that affects life, Devi and DAYS (Impacting Lives Through Games, Devi, and Days)’ I proceeded.

Starting with the revival of arcade games in the 70s, console games in the 80s, the heyday of online games in the 90s, the formation and development of e-sports culture, and mobile games from the 2000s became popular. And now, P2E games, which combine new technologies such as blockchain and tokens, are growing.

Many people around the world are still playing the game, but only some of them are playing blockchain games. Why is it? In response, SEO ILG said, Because the language of traditional gamers and blockchain gamers is different.

Traditional gamers are more interested in actual gameplay and gaming, while blockchain gamers are more focused on blockchain technical aspects, asset ownership, and economics.

Remade develops a platform called ‘Remix Play’, ties the gamers of the two groups together, and provides all values for both games.

In this regard, SEO ILG mentioned the ‘Mir 4 Global’, which provides additional value by defecting blockchain technology by satisfying the demands of traditional gamers as an example of a game that meets the characteristics of both gamer groups.

In response to Mir 4 Global’s success, SEO ILG said, Our thoughts that P2E games should contain game performance and value that can meet the demands of traditional gamers have been much more results than expected.

According to the results, four months after its launch, 1.4 million simultaneous number of concurrent access was achieved, exceeding the total number of users of 2,064 million. Based on these user pools, the total token trading volume was $378 million and the NFT trading volume amounted to about $38 million. The most expensive NFT selling price is $42.8 million.

So far, if people have been a pattern of time and money to play games and grow characters, now they have been able to make new profits by investing in their time. It is simply shifting from the concept of ‘spending money on the game’ to the concept of ‘investing in profits’.

When the well-made game and the blockchain economy are combined, transactions are generated in large quantities and adoption.

In order to make these consumption patterns more activated and easily accessible, Remade introduces the Remix 3.0 Main net, ‘Remix Play’, ‘Remix FI’, and ‘Nile’. To provide. It is intended to connect various experiences by providing P2E games and Devi, DAO, and NFT services, and ultimately connecting the reality and the digital world.

We have three core platforms in the Remix 3.0 Main net, and the platform has its own unique economy and ecosystem. It is the goal of Remade to integrate all of them and maximize synergy to build a mega ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Remade has launched and serves 15 games so far based on the blockchain game platform Remix play, and is about to launch 31 new games. Furthermore, the goal is to launch a total of 100 games by the end of this year.

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