Based on Game Pass for Xbox/PC?

Grounded, a game full of great adventures in the small world, was in early access for several years before its full release took place on September 27, 2022. Since new players explore the dangerous world of their own yard, they may need a little time. Help from friends.

Is the cross-grounds a cross-platform?

Grounded is included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription and is available for both Xbox consoles and PCs through the Windows store or the Xbox application, which means that it is cross-platform. A miniature adventure is also available in Steam for $39.99. This gives players many options for how and where to experience this unique game for survival.

Multiplayer/cooperative is grounded?

Grounded supports up to three players in a session, and one player acts as a host. It also includes a cross-platform game between all versions of the game. And thanks to the General Worlds function, players can continue their adventure in a common world, even if the host is not on the network. Any progress achieved will be preserved. These makes Grounded a suitable for a joint game.

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